Celebrate you

Celebrate you, don’t wait for anyone to do it for you I learnt the hard way and now I focus on me. It’s so easy to be focused on caring for others and neglect ourselves. I will say this with much love, for mothers this is a given as it’s what mothers do. But my mother also taught me that when you care for yourself, you’re in better position to care for others. This is why for me it’s very important to take time to look after me because no one will do it for me.

celebrate you

There are many ways that you can celebrate you or learn to celebrate you. Over the last few years I thought I knew how to look after myself and celebrate life. But now looking back I realised that I actually haven’t don’t as much as I thought I was doing. There were so many times that I put the needs of other before my own because I have always been taught to be selfless. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying being selfless is a bad thing it’s not, it’s a great quality to have. But I am saying in the midst of being selfless do not neglect your own needs. Today, I am sharing 3 ways you can celebrate you and be happy.

Celebrate You

Take and Make time for you.

As I am someone whose single and no kids taking time for me is easier than others. Yes I have a demanding job, I have university and I have blogging but I should still make time for me. Monday to Friday I mainly focus on my work during the day, then I night I either blog or study. The weekends when I am not traveling I am blogging or revising for my university.

It’s a packed life in itself so what I do during the week is make time whilst showering. Right there in the shower I meditate, plan my day and think about things I want out of life. During the weekends, even when traveling I use the airport time, flight time etc to internalize. For other people making and taking time could be meeting up with friends, going out or just taking a stroll. Whatever it is for you, make sure you make and take time for you.

Do things that you love ❤️ 

Is it crazy to say what I love outside traveling and spending time with friends and family is blogging? Blogging for me can be therapeutic in its own way, there is so much material to read and so much to share. Other things that I love to do is read or binge watch my favourite series. I just finished binge watching Lucifer (2 more episodes and season is done). Sometimes I love to do absolutely nothing, I switch off my phone and I just lie down and watch the sky. I am sure you have a long list of things you like to do but just pick one and go with that.

Proudly list your accomplishments in life so far.

This might not sit well with many but I can promise you its therapeutic. There are times when I am down in the dumps and don’t think I am worth it. But I know I am and I have accomplished so much in my life. I might not be a parent yet or someone’s wife but I am still someone’s child, friend and advocate. If I look at my life so far I have much to be proud of, it’s not boasting it’s your accomplishments.

It’s natural for many of us not to know how to sell ourselves, I know I always struggle with that. Trying to write it on a CV is even worse because I am thinking what am I good at? Then I ask other people and they list things about me and I am always taken back. We are more than we realise, we may not believe it at times but that’s the truth.

One of my favourite quotes is “You cant pour from an empty cup“.

So how that I am done rambling, how will you celebrate you?