{Monthly Roundup} February 2017 Sponsors ~ Thank you

February 2017 Sponsors, thank you for truly motivating me throughout the month with variety of opportunities. Not all of us bloggers start out wanting to make something from our blogs but rather to share our likes/dislikes. I am forever thankful to all the different sponsors and collaborators I have had the pleasure of working with. It’s truly incredible to think today is the last day of February 2017, like where did the time go?

Whilst I am still trying to recover from the ending of February 2017, check-out the awesome sponsors I worked with. If you’re new to the blog and would like to find out how we could collaborate, click on work with me.

february 2017 sponsors

February 2017 Sponsors #monthlyroundup

New Driver ~ Learn about your car. Part of my 2016 goals was to learn how to drive and I am happy to say I did. Not only did I learn but I passed too and became a first time driver which comes with its own challenges. I was happy to collaborate with Go Girl Insurance who put together an awesome dashboard lights infographic.

Start your holiday with energy. Regular readers know I have been jetting in and out of the UK like no man’s business. Because I am constantly on the go I need to have an energy powered breakfast and that’s why I choose oat recipes.

Do you remember that time you had to prepare for an interview? What was going through your mind? How did you prepare for that? A recent guest blogger shared some Beauty Ideas to consider when going for an interview.

Home Improvement Sponsors

Home ideas for Spring. I am sure you’re just as tired of winter as I am. Honestly I am so ready for spring and summer. Here I had an opportunity to share some of my home ideas for spring. What you looking forward the most about spring? The colourful and pastel spring colours or being able to pack your winter woolies away?

As we prepare for spring I continued to share more home improvement ideas. Though I am not yet a home owner I enjoyed sharing Different flooring ideas and helping to Brighten up your home. These days with social platforms like Pinterest it is easy to come with ideas on how to upgrade your home. It was truly fortunate that a guest blogger showed us 5 Loft conversion ideas for your spare bedroom. Most of us have lofts/attics and basements that are dying to be upgraded to something else.

Other February 2017 Sponsors

One thing I pride myself in is my love of helping out wherever I can. I don’t always advertise it online because I doit offline and it’s private & personal to me. So when an opportunity to collaborate with MAHI Leather and spread the word about their good works I was game. MAHI is a brand trying to make a difference in the world by collaborating with water charities. We take the constant and abundance in availability of water for granted but others struggle on a daily basis. Everytime I watch the news there is always a cry for help water ad and though I can’t contribute to all I do what I can.

Having worked in the healthcare sector I know the importance Residential Homes that offer Respite for the Elderly. There are many care givers out there who are unable to live there lives because they don’t have any help or support. This collaboration was one I was really happy to do because of having the inside knowledge of Residential Homes.

So there you have it, my February 2017 Sponsors. As you can see I have had a variety of collaborations and I am forever grateful. Did you manage to catch any of these sponsors during the month? If hope have a look-see on each of them, I promise you won’t regret it.