Five Things Week 15 #HelloFebruary

Five things week 15 opens the first weekend in February, already 4 days into the new month. Though January felt like it was dragging on and we felt the January Blues, am sad it’s gone. It’s a month that I will never get back, a new beginnings for 2017 never to return. I am a huge believer in taking each day as it comes but sometimes I mourn the lost days. This is why I choose to start this series (a stolen borrowed idea) to document the lost days. With that, let’s look at what I set to accomplish last week and plans for next week.

five things week 15

Five Things for Last week

  • Monday – Thursday, book and attend my gym classes: Yoga, Body Balance, Fitness Yoga and Fitness Pilates. Managed Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday got cancelled and Thursday I cancelled.
  • Sunday, meet up with my friends in London, one is visiting from Korea so definitely need to see her. Done
  • Sunday, Schedule posts for all of next week. Struggled, I scheduled up to Thursday.
  • Time allocation, it helps me focus on difference tasks in allocated time slots. Failed.
  • University Assignment, need to prepare and submit the assignment. Ongoing, aka NOT STARTED.

Five Great Things to Happen

  • Sunday – met up with my besties for a well deserved lunch in Whitechapel and coffee at Pancras station.
  • Monday – Driving licence came back, unfortunately still got errors so sent it back
  • Got some interesting and exciting collaborations in the pipeline
  • Thursday – a friend got a job offer, see why this sucked too.
  • Thursday – a call with mummy dearest always makes me smile and happy. A mother’s touch/voice cures all.

Five Things that sucked

  • Said friend got a job which means she is leaving my company which means I am without an assistant.
  • Another friend missed her flight back home, which sucked for her more than for me
  • I hate chasing people for not paying for work done.
  • Driving licence came back still wrong. I asked for my name to be corrected not to be changed and some silly person says you’re changing your name.
  • A friend has gone quite on me, I am worried but also concerned I might be ghosted. LOL

Five Things for next week

  • Create a tracker for VA’s that I have hired to keep tracker of whose doing what and duration.
  • Create and Schedule posts for next week to keep me time to focus on work
  • Attend gym classes Monday – Thursday
  • Travel to my parents once licence gets back all corrected
  • Time allocation so I can do and submit my university assignment and get my work done.


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  1. Hannah Latoya Bond
    February 6, 2017 / 10:34 pm

    I need to start getting back into my gym classes, i’m a bit slow getting back into them after christmas x

  2. Nichole Freeman
    February 5, 2017 / 10:17 pm

    My goodness, that was a lot. You are doing an awesome job. I am happy that works for you. I am not sure i can keep up with that level of details. I am tracking using a vision board.

  3. Rose Mont
    February 5, 2017 / 6:53 pm

    I havent started my Feb goals or looked over my January goals to see what did get completed. I would like to write a few posts and stay get ahead. I hope you get a nice new assistant soon.

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