5 Must Have Weekender Bags

Weekender bags are a great accessory for those who are always on the move like myself. Rarely am I ever at home because 75% of the time I am abroad doing the tourist thing. So having a weekender bag is paramount for a travel junkie like myself. I will confess those that normally for me my weekender bag is a backpack I do love checking out other bags on the market.

Must-Have Weekender Bags

Five Must-Have Weekender Bags

Weekender bags are those bags that are big enough to carry your essentials and a couple of clothing items. These are bags that I believe qualify as weekender bags though can be used for more than that.

Duffle Bags

Recently I had an opportunity to collaborate with Mahi leather to bring awareness to the water charity Frank Water. With that I was gifted a lovely real leather duffle bag which I was bestowed with. I chose The Armada Duffle bag (£110) which was made to order and has 100% cotton lining interior. This duffle bag makes a lovely weekender bag when all you want to carry are a few essential items.

Shoulder Bags

Normally I avoid taking shoulder bags on a weekend getaway because I find them troublesome to carry. For me a perfect weekender bag is a backpack but I have realised that even some shoulder bags can do the job. There are many options out there of weekender should bags but my two favourite are: Schuh and Cath Kidston.


As mentioned for me a backpack is my #1 must have weekender bag, they are so easy to carry. I don’t have to worry about dragging a bag around with me because it’s always on my back and always light. Backpacks don’t always scream fashionable but honestely I don’t give two tuts about it. For me it’s about the practicality of things and if I can be fashionable at the same time, great.

Tote bags

Tote bags by nature are large bags that you can use to carry a number of items unlike your everyday purse. I own a few tote bags and enjoy using them as weekender bags if I am just heading to do some shopping. But I have on many occassions used them whilst traveling around the country and they are life safers.

Cute bags

Whilst I always go for practicality I am still a girl who loves cute bags, shoes and clothes. Not that the aforementioned bags can not be cute, they can but just had to add it in. I have so many cute bags that are not suitable for travel for practicality reasons but are still cute.

What kind of bags do you like carrying for a weekend getaway or mini holiday break? Are you the suitcase always kind of girl, or the black hole bag is the way to go?