Airport Essentials 

Airport essentials are items that will make your visit/stay at an airport more comfortable whilst you wait. I learned a valuable lesson a few years back when I traveled with my mum and sister to Zambia. Because mum planned everything I didn’t put much thinking into what we would need during the 17 hour layover in Kenya.

We had found ourselves with nothing to make us comfortable whilst we waited on our flight. I quickly realised that there is only so much shopping you can do before you run out of money. Only so much TV you can watch before you get bored or want to sleep. I remember we slept on the floor for a good 10+ hours because we were unprepared for the long layover.

airport essentials

In this post I will be sharing ways you could have a comfortable layover with these airport essentials. Whilst airport essentials may differ between individuals these items are a must for a comfortable airport experience.

Travel Blanket

It doesn’t matter if your destination is hot or not, you’re not there yet so it pays to have a blanket. The Zambian trip have mentioned above, we didn’t have blankets except for those we borrowed from the plane. Airports can be notoriously cold st times and often not carpeted meaning you will be slamming it on the cold floor. Having a warm and comfortable travel blanket as part of your airport essentials is crucial.

Convertible neck pillow 

We’ve all at some point purchased those ridiculous airport neck pillows that cost a fortune but do nothing for you. I say this because whilst a neck pillow is an airport essential item it’s only good on the plane (if at all). I love my pillows flat so having a convertible neck pillow certainly helps me achieve exactly that.

Travel Socks

As mentioned your destination might be hot location but the airport normally isn’t. I have found having a pair of travel socks in my arsenal truly helps make my airport visit/stay most comfortable. Travel socks don’t only keep you warm, they can help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Comfortable Clothing 

Whilst 90% of us prefer to dress down whilst at the airport it doesn’t mean we can’t be both stylish and comfortable. Leggings and yoga pants are normally the first choice, I prefer warm pants that are comfortable and stylish.


We live in the most technologically advanced century so it’s important to ensure you have your essential gadgets. For me I am never without my iPhone(s), portable charger, universal converters nor laptops. Being a blogger I normally carry more gadgets than the average John on the plane. I also ensure I have ear plugs as well as earphones to keep the noise at a minimum.

These are the items that I take with me for a comfortable stay/visit at the airport and recommend them to fellow travelers.