Five Things Week 20 {skipped 17-19}

Today mark’s exactly one month since I last did the Five Things post, it’s not surprising I skipped so many. I have mentioned before how I am not that good at sticking to a series, except for Fashion Monday posts. It’s always been a struggle of mine to keep up with blog series but I am working on that. The Five Things Week 20 will try to cover all the things that have happened in the last month. I will indeed keep to the theme of Five Things for each category and also review Five Things week 16.

five things week 20

Five Things for next week 16

  • Schedule posts for Monday – Saturday. A continuous struggle but I wont give up
  • Attend post grad classes Wednesday – Thursday. Done
  • Travel to Southampton Tuesday – Thursday. Done
  • Collect the car if licence arrives and finally buy car insurance. FailedRead to learn why
  • Consolidate the Budapest itinerary. Done

Five Great Things to Happen

  • Saturday of week 18, a friend from Japan came to visit for 2 weeks
  • Sunday of week 18, me and said friend traveled to Budapest for a few days.
  • Thursday of week 19, as a group of 7 girls we traveled to Cyprus. Three of us managed to explore 90% of Cyprus
  • Wednesday of week 20, we traveled to London for a night of the town. Also managed to do some tourist things
  • Thursday of week 20, annual leave for April to attend a friend’s wedding got approved. I am excited to see my friend get married and visit family at the same time.

Five Things that sucked

  • During the girls getaway to Cyprus I realised I prefer to be a solo traveler than traveling in groups. Unnecessary dramas can be avoided and you get to do what you want and not feel guilty about it.
  • Thursday week 20, a friend left for home in Ireland whilst quite possibly suffering from alcohol poisoning.
  • Friday week 20, my friend from Japan left, my home feels so empty now
  • DVLA screwed me over again, so I lost the car {+ car finance} I wanted and now will need to start afresh.
  • Not sleeping for more than 3/4 hours a night for 2 weeks straight kinda screws with you.

Five Things for next week

  • Start writing the Post Grad assignment due at the end of the month
  • Schedule posts for the new week
  • Start searching for a car and insurance
  • Practice a no spend week, except for food
  • Reduce screen time (apart from work) and turn it into me time.

Though I can not guarantee I will sleep up again with this series, I am glad to be sharing my Five Things week 20. So many things have happened since week 16 but I have managed to condense it down. I didn’t want to overload the post with unnecessary sharing of information.