Five Things Week 22 

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. 

This was one of the many mantras my father has displayed in our home in Zambia. It’s something I always relate to whenever things get tough and I feel like I can’t cope. Five Things Week 22 highlights some of the tough things that happened, sucked and my plans for next week. When I initially started this post, it was for week 21 but before I knew it I was already living week 22. Never one to focus on the negative, I decided to skip 21 and instead do the five things week 22.

Five Things week 22

Five Things from week 20

  • Start writing the Post Grad assignment due at the end of the month. Started, written the title 🙁 but a still got long way to go
  • Schedule posts for the new week.Success – managed to schedule for up to Friday (week 21, I am struggling to blog week 22)
  • Start searching for a car and insurance – on hold
  • Practice a no spend week, except for foo – Failed, I have splashed over £300 this week {21} alone. Then went to Stockholm and spent even more than that 🙁
  • Reduce screen time (apart from work) and turn it into me time. Failed, partially because I was busy enjoying Stockholm but at times was glued to my phone.

Five Great Things to Happen

  • Friday Week #21: Traveled to Stockholm for an extended weekend, best decision ever.
  • Friday Week #21: Requested to travel to Paris this coming Thursday {for work}
  • Week #22: Got a date, very excited about it. It’s been such a long time and didn’t even think I was ready.
  • Met absolutely incredible people in Stockholm, so happy I stayed in a hostel; best decision ever.
  • Amongst the people I met, we weren’t out to explore Stockholm and because of her I saw much more.

Five Things that sucked

  • Motivation has been really hard to come by the last few weeks, can not be bothered to blog nor do work.
  • Week #22: Assignment{s} due this Friday but I don’t have the time to complete it.
  • Accidentally accepted to have {full fat} cream in my hot chocolate and had runny tummy an entire morning. To make matters worse I was also hangover so that didn’t help and was bad at staying hydrated.
  • Delayed flights both to and from Stockholm, I don’t know why I am annoyed. That’s budget airlines for you.
  • Met ZERO VIKINGS in Stockholm, so disappointed {hahahaha} made me miss Oslo even more.

Five Things for next week

  • Book tickets for Zambia
  • Plan a trick for the Easter weekend whether home or abroad
  • Start planning my 30th Birthday getaway {Bali or Hawaii??}
  • Visit my parents and get hair done
  • Explore Paris after work Friday and over the weekend.