March 2017 Monthly Goals

March 2017 Monthly Goals, a recap of February goals and setting of new goals for the new month. I have been setting monthly goals since 2013 and it has been the best decision ever. It keeps me aware and accountable of the goals that I have set and said with the world. Obviously every month is different but my motto remains the same: if you fail continue to retry until you succeed.

Often in life we take the courage to try something new then it doesn’t work and we give up and stop. That shouldn’t always be the case and I won’t lie and say I never give up because I do. But I say only when I have tried all possible ways available to me, if that fails then I stop

Yearly Goals ~ Quarterly Review

At the beginning of the year, I set up yearly goals which I broke into quarterly cycles to give me a chance to review. A year is a long time and so much can happen that we push our goals to the background. I found in 2016 that reviewing my yearly goals quarterly was the smart thing to do. So before we review the February 2017 goals and set the March 2017 goals, here is the first quarterly overview. Obviously I intend to mention them at the end of each quarterly but I thought March is as good a month as April.

March 2017 monthly goals

Jan – Mar ~ New Beginnings

  • Travelthough this year travel wont be as much as 2016, I want to continue traveling. The idea for the first quarter is to book 3 trips either abroad or home. Success ~ Birmingham (home), Budapest and Cyprus (abroad)
  • Saving (Mortgage)I have been renting apartments/flats since I left home for university. 2017 is the year I would like to attempt getting on the first-time home buyer ladder. Success ~ started saving 50% of blog earnings.
  • Saving (Emergency Fund)As much as I live for the now, it’s important to have something to fall back on. Nothing like having hard times and not having anything to keep you ticking over except to borrow. Success ~ started saving (the other) 50% of blog earnings.

February 2017 Monthly Goals

Let’s review how I managed to get on with the February 2017 Monthly Goals and which goals we will move forward.

Main Goals

  • Collect the car 🚗. Failed, licence didn’t arrive so failed to collect the car
  • Getting Car Insurance. Failed due to the above
  • Declutter my home. Failed due to laziness busy schedule
  • Continue saving for a mortgage. Success
  • Start an emergency fund and only use in emergencies. Success

Spiritual Goals

  • Attend church regularly, mid-week will be a challenge but Sundays I should make all the effort. Failed – not been once, sad I know.
  • Participate in the Church more, I sing in the choir. Same as bove

Personal Goals

  • Be more social, I am a house bunny and I love that but want to be more social. Success, been more social than house bunny.

Blogging Goals

  • Update the work with me page and revise my collaboration fees. ✅

March 2017 Monthly Goals

As mentioned above, if I don’t accomplish the goals I have set out I move to the next month. These goals I have moved from January to February to March and will continue to until I accomplish them.

Main Goals

  • Collect the car 🚗.
  • Getting Car Insurance.
  • Declutter my home.

Spiritual Goals

  • Attend church regularly, mid-week will be a challenge but Sundays I should make all the effort
  • Participate in the Church more, I sign in the choir.

And there you have it, my March 2017 monthly goals; smart and achievable. Have you set any goals for March or for the year?