How to pamper yourself during THAT “Time of the month”

That time of the month is the worst thing ever for most of us ladies. I mean Aunt Flo doesn’t play fair to some of us I think. Would it hurt her to just send a quick message saying “what’s up girl, ain’t pregnant this month” enjoy the chocolate. But nope she thinks it’s much more fun just to show up uninvited and ruin the mood. Since we don’t really have a say how does one pamper oneself during that “time of the month”?

time of the month

Every girl woman has that one or two things she does during that time of the month. Things that just help make the pain a little bearable, and yes it does feel like the world is ending sometimes. Personally all the ideas I am sharing help me a little making the experience more manageable.

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How to pamper yourself during THAT “time of the month”

Hot shower or soak in the bath

Water {HOT} somehow seems to have this miraculous effect on me during that time. Whenever I soak in a bath somehow the pain just dissipates and I can stay forever like that. Once I leave the bath my body remembers the pain and it’s a fight to try something else. Whenever you have painful cramps or manageable ones I think a nice soak in the bath or nice shower is a perfect treat.

time of the month

Drink some tea 

If like me you love your teas and the pain has returned after a good soak in the bath then have some tea. Twinnings and Tetley tea has my favourite fruity tea combinations; Jasmine & Lychee. I have tried many different brands and these two are my go to teas at work but at home I have others. Tea for me is just the answer to practically everything and when the cramps get so bad I just drink tea. During that time I analyse how to proceed and the tea helps me get there.

Exercise & Spa 

Ok here me out fellow non-gym goers, I know exercising and pampering don’t normally go together in a sentence. I feel one can pamper themselves with a lovely work out and finish off in the spa {if your local gym has one}. Or if you’re anything like me you will start and end in the spa area because that’s what pampering is all about. 😉

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Pampering differs for everyone girl or woman but it almost always involves chocolate or something equally as sinful. That time of the month is not always pleasant for most of us so don’t judge us for pampering ourselves. Because whilst me might smile our insides are busy ripping each other apart all because the egg wasn’t fertilised.

Ladies, how do you pamper yourselves during that time of the month? Actually scratch that, how do you like being pampered?