April 2017 Goals 

April 2017 Goals, not sure if I am actually ready for April. March was such a tough month and you would think i would be more welcoming towards April but alas i am not. I was so rushed off my feet in March, i was hoping for a chance to catch a breather before i hopped onto April but such is life. I have honestly not thought much about what I should include in my April 2017 Goals. Whilst i know what i want to achieve as part of my yearly goals, its a lot harder for my monthly goals. One thing i know for certain is self-care should be on the top of my list as i know i need it.
Before i get all carried away by the need for self care, let’s review the March 2017 Goals. As per my motto, whatever i didn’t accomplish in March i am moving to April. Then we need to review the yearly goals quarter 1 to see what i managed to tick off.

March 2017 Monthly Goals

These goals I have moved from January to February to March 2017, now let’s review what I managed to tick off.

Main Goals

  • Collect the car 🚗. FAILED, goal changed.
  • Getting Car Insurance. FAILED, due to above
  • Declutter my home. FAILED, lack motivation

Spiritual Goals

  • Attend church regularly, mid-week will be a challenge but Sundays I should make all the effort. FAILED, no excuse
  • Participate in the Church more, I sign in the choir. FAILED, no excuse

It seems yet another month I failed to tick off any of my goals. Queue the excuses, but I just won’t use them for this time. I will devise a different tactic to accomplish these goals or bench for now.

Whilst I may not have been able to accomplish any of my month goals for March, I did accomplish all as part of my yearly goals. I have been very fortunate to have:

  • Traveled to 4 countries and 2 cities in Q1 when the target was 3 cities ‘home OR abroad’.
  • Savings (mortgage), slowly slowly does it and glad with how much I have saved so far
  • Savings (emergency fund), so happy I started one. Ended up needing it whilst abroad but now refilled again.

I am totally impressed with myself for accomplishing all the quarterly goals. Yes I sucked at the monthly ones but I still did a pretty damn good job. Now let me share the next quarter goals which are similar to the first quarter goals.

Apr – Jun ~ Half way there

  • Travel – book another 3 trips either home or abroad
  • Saving (Mortgage) – save 10% of the deposit target
  • Saving (Emergency Fund) – save at least £1k
  • Finish and pass first year of post grad course

I feel like I should be able to accomplish these quarter 2 goals too should all go to plan. But I also know life can throw you a bone, where I am unable to accomplish something I just bring it to the lord in prayer. Same thing with if I accomplish something I still send to the lord in prayer.

April 2017 Goals

The final part is the April 2017 Goals, I don’t really have a plan for April apart from surviving it. For April I will not re-attempt to do the March 2017 Goals, I need to re-evaluate those. For the mean time, here are some goals I hope to practice this month.

  • Self care – no one will do it for me except me. I intend on spending sometime with myself and just treat me to a relaxing stay either at home or a spa.
  • Get organised – hiring a VA in February caused me to become so disorganized. I know that sounds weird but prior to having a VA I had to do it all so I did the schedules myself. Now I am too reliant that I honestly don’t know when I am coming or going.
  • Blogging timeout – I always feel bad when I have to take some timeout from my blog. Because this is my baby and I work hard for it, but I also know right now I am not giving it my best.
  • Exercising, yes! For the first time in 2017 I am adding exercise to my goals. A recent visit to the Doctor revealed I need to lose 2+ stones. I am currently 13 stones and need to be back to 10 stones.
  • Routine, I need to start re-practicing my morning routine, do 10 things before 10am and follow my bed routine.

As much as I would like to add more goals like, stay motivated I need to know what that is. It’s all well and good adding to the post but what and how can I stay motivated to do things?