4 Effective home remedies for treating ear popping 

Ear popping is a concept I am aware of being a frequent flyer but never gave it much thought. For me it’s something I experience every time I travel on the plane. Whilst others don’t even notice this happens to them, to some it can be a painful experience. We’ve all been on flights with kids and as soon as the pressure changes they start crying. It’s not always that they are hungry but because the ears haven’t popped yet.

So what do I mean by popped? What home remedies can help with ear popping?

Here comes the science-y stuff! Well the ear has three parts: inner, middle and outer ear. It’s in the middle ear that you will find the Eustachian tube which is connected to the back of your throat. When the Eustachian tube is blocked due to thickly liquid or mucus from a cold or cough it can be painful.

ear popping

4 Effective home remedies for treating ear popping 

For frequent flyers will remember when air pressure changes whilst flying your ears taken a moment before you hearing a “popping” sound. This is due to the Eustachian tube equalizing the pressure between the outside and inner ear. But for some this doesn’t happen quicker enough and can be quite painful as I recently discovered. The air pressure change whilst flying caused my eardrums to overstretch as they tried to compensate for the change in the environment. This caused me great pain and the following are some of the remedies I tried and you could use too.

Chewing Gum 

Chewing gum is one of the quickest ways to pop your ears but sometimes it doesn’t work fully. For me when I chewed the gum it only partially popped my ears granted it was a less painful process. An old wives tale swears by chewing gum throughout the flight and that will help your ears. I have since tried this on other flights and it has worked.


It certainly does a faster job of popping your ears than chewing gum but again it depends on the person. For one long flight this didn’t work for me but for another flight it worked amazingly. Yawning helps change the pressure build up in your ears and helps it balance again.

Sucking on a hard-boiled sweet 

OK!! this one a friend said always works for her and I tried it but unfortunately didn’t fully unclog my ears. Apparently the sucking helpings enough pressure to pop the ears and regain its balance. Whilst it’s not something I don’t mind doing since I love sweets it’s one I would try last.

Drinking water

Many recommend drinking water to pop your ears as one of the best remedies. Drink a huge gulp of water and pinch your nose at the same time whilst twisting your head. I did test this theory and was slightly confused as to how it would work. This process did help me pop one side of my ear after that awful pain and theethree above helped pop the other.

If you have an ‘Eustachian tube dysfunction’ or ETD please reach out to your General Practitioner (GP) and seek medical help. The remedies I have recommended are what ‘collectively’ worked for me when my ears wouldn’t pop after my flight. I have tried some of these again and they have ‘individually’ helped at different times.