Five Things Week 24

Happy Easter everyone, whether you celebrate or not I hope you had/have a lovely time. I am spending mine with my parents before I travel for a week to Zambia and attend a wedding. This past week has just been crazier than the week before and not a the best of ways. I have found myself to be so emotionally drained it’s becoming tiring. It feels like it’s turning from being one of those days to one of them weeks and months. Anyway before I continue to share Five Things Week 24, let’s see how I managed for week 23.

Five Things from week 23

  • Train my new assistant before Easter break and before her holiday. FAILED, been sick all week though I still trained her a bit.
  • Travel to my parents for the Easter break. SUCCESS, spending time with my parents has been the best ever. I hadn’t seen them since January of this year.
  • Do some shopping for my extended family. FAILED, but shopped for my Parents. I have too much stuff to give my extended family, so I won’t be adding more.
  • Write all the posts I have been keeping as drafts for months. PARTIAL SUCCESS, 2 more left plus a couple I need to do for the new week.
  • Relax. SUCCESS. Left both my personal and work laptop at home so just enjoying time with my folks with a work temptation.

Five Great Things to Happen

  • Last Saturday, a friend of mine celebrated her 30th birthday. I will be celebrating mine in a few months
  • This gone Saturday, said friend celebrated her Kitchen Party and she looked absolutely amazing
  • Traveling home and spending time with my parents. As mentioned I last saw them in January and whilst we speak practically daily it’s nice to spend quality time with them.
  • Finally managed to do my hair and have a much needed and deserved chat with my friend and hair dresser.
  • Even though it’s been a rough week (mentally, physically and emotionally) I started to feel motivated again. So motivated I have blogged almost daily this week and happy with the material I shared. I also made a point to treat myself in the midst of the chaos.

Five Things that sucked

  • Been sick all week, it’s been hard trying to work and pack for my trip this week.
  • Couldn’t find a dress for an upcoming wedding nor could I find a present. Truly annoyed right now.
  • Due to work I couldn’t attend my friend’s birthday nor Kitchen Party but looking forward to the wedding this coming weekend.
  • Had a full blown crying feat at home alone when I reflected on some things in life. I felt hurt by God (yes silly I know) and just couldn’t understand why.
  • Run out of space in my suitcases so now I need to borrow my parents larger suitcases to take all the things I need to give away.

Five Things for next week

  • Finish training and preparing my {new} assistant so she can cover me whilst I am abroad.
  • Restart and finish packing for my trip this week and organise according to visits.
  • Attend my friend’s wedding on Saturday
  • Meet up with my cousins {new} and old ones.
  • Enjoy my holiday from work and just rejuvenate before my return

Whilst I won’t claim to have had the worst week of my life emotionally and physically it was pretty close. I found myself questioning God’s plan for me, I am in no rush for anything but I feel I am not even in the race. It can be difficult to always focus on the best things in life (which I always do) and realise you gat to swallow the bad too. Five Things Week 24 has been wack, here it to hoping for a better week ahead.