Guerlain: Perfume, Skincare & Cosmetics 


Guerlain, one of Frances oldest perfume, skincare and cosmetics company which was family owned but now part of LVMH family. Prior to my recent unplanned work trip to Paris, I was none the wiser about the brand. Whilst it lost the connection to the Guerlain family with the fourth generation, it’s still seen as one of the best world-wide. The house of Guerlain has produced some of the best perfumes in the world even gaining Napoleon III’s approval. As well as those of Spanish and British monarchs.

On top of the absolutely divinely smelling perfumes, you can find cosmetics and skincare products. I had the great fortune of purchasing a lipgloss inside Guerlain and receiving a sample of their latest serum. It took me all day to make up my mind on which perfume I wanted but by then I was back at the airport. Thank Zeus for duty-free at airports I was able to pick up two Guerlain perfumes though today I am only showcasing one. Before I share my thoughts on the perfume thought I talk a little about the cosmetics and skincare.

Guerlain: Cosmetics and Skincare


I won’t claim to know much about this awesome brand but I will say I am loving the gloss and serum. It might have something to do with how expensive these two little items are or it could be they are just awesome.

What I loved about the lipgloss is that whilst it has a lovely pigmentation it doesn’t stain. I noticed it didn’t leave my lips dry but felt more moisturised. The only downfall like most lipsticks is duration, I like lipglosses that stay a little longer. But this made up by not being sticky like typical lipglosses and definitely would be mistaken for lipstick.

The serum was offered to me as a sample and I must say whilst it’s small it showed it’s worth in gold. I like the texture of the serum, it gets absorbed really easily into the skin and smells lovely.

Guerlain: Perfumes

When I visited the Guerlain shop in Champs-Élysées in Paris upon entry there is no assault of huge scents. Each sent has somehow become combined into one but offering different smells dependent on where you stand. I liked that it wasn’t all one huge aroma but individualised giving you the opportunity to appreciate each separately. Obviously coffee beans were offered to mane you senses and be able to try out many of the perfumes on offer.

As mentioned already I struggled to pick just one perfume so I left without buying anything. The next day when leaving I managed to find the very perfume I liked on sale at duty-free. I jumped at the opportunity and bought two of the perfumes and never looked back. Full details of my thoughts on these perfumes will be shared in a future post but I can still say I love it. The perfume is not overly strong yet it lasts all day if not a couple of days. This perfume has become my go-to perfume and I just love how it smells on my skin and clothes.

Have you ever heard of or tried any Guerlain products?