Aveeno ~ The Body Wash and Nourishing Lotion


AVEENO® body products are formulated to protect the skin and made from active colloidal oatmeal and/or pat extracts. It wasn’t until a few months back when a friend came to visit me that I took notice of this brand. I certainly wasn’t away that AVEENO® is part of the Johnson & Johnson family which we all love and trust. Yes I had seen the Jennifer Aniston ads on TV but to be honest I never gave them two hoots. Celebrity endorsed products means nothing to me these days I prefer more mouth to mouth kind of word. I would believe a fellow blogger over a celebrity any day.


AVEENO® ~ The Body Wash

As someone who suffers from dry itchy skin I knew I had to do my own research on this product. Though my friend was happy to recommend this product I wasn’t about to jump in without my own research. Because when you have dry itchy skin, you can’t afford to just take someone’s word for it. When I finally took the plunge and purchased the AVEENO® body wash I chose  one for dry and sensitive skin. From the visit use of this body wash I knew I had to stock up. It does not only smell amazing but feels even more amazing on the skin. The formulation is nice and gooey gel like texture and lathes up pretty nicely. I love my showers really hot but always pay the price of itchy skin after. Since using AVEENO® body wash for dry and sensitive skin that’s a thing of the past.


AVEENO® ~ The Nourishing lotion, Skin Relief. 

One thing that I always insist on is using the same brand for showering and after care. For me it makes sense to stick to one brand but there has been occasions that I haven’t. This wasn’t one of those occasions, I had chosen to use the nourishing skin relief lotion with sheer butter. All women of colour know sheer butter is your friend, it always moisturizes the skin and doesn’t even you dry.

Many body lotions on the market do not contain oils that help to keep the skin moisturized. Most of us people of colour always have to add oils like J&J’s baby oil to get the similar benefits like sheer butter based products. It was therefore important for me when researching AVEENO® to find a product that would keep my skin moisturized all day. I can confirm that the skin relief lotion does exactly that and more.

Every day I shower 2-3 times a day using the AVEENO® body wash and almost immediately after moisturize with the AVEENO® skin relief nourishing lotion. Since I started using the brand, I have not suffered a bout of itchy skin nor does it feel or look dry.

Would I recommend AVEENO® body products to family, friends, strangers and readers? 💯 yes as this product and the brand are one I can confidently stand with. {Disclaimer: all opinions are based off my OWN experience}