May 2017 Goals 

Hello May, we’ve been expecting you though not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. So far you’ve been both exciting {future plans} and terrifying {current status}. I am quite unsure as how to take you on when I am not sure if you’re here to harm or to save. Whilst life knows how to throw curve balls in the mix you’ve certainly been one to make it look uncertain. 

Dilemmas are part and parcel of life and yet I can’t seem to grasp exactly what the point is. I am totally confused by your entrance yet enthralled by your proclamations. Sat here 5 days into the new month, struggling to catch a wink of sleep because well the bodily functions are not in sync. I am following almost all my mother’s guidelines to clear my system yet my body still fails me. 

This situation could get depressing pretty quickly but I don’t want a repeat of one of them days. It can be difficult off-setting depressive moments but I believe in the power of self healing and being positive. Whilst that is not always easy but you never know until you try again and again. Though I don’t encourage forcing oneself but learning to appreciate what’s within your control and what isn’t. Seeking help is always the first and most crucial step which most of us shy from but so severely need. To offset the race currently in my head, I want to take the time to review last month’s goals before setting May 2017 Goals. 

April 2017 Goals

These are the goals I shared last month, let’s review my progress (if any) and make plans for May 2017 Goals.

  • Self care – no one will do it forget me except me. I intend on spending sometime with myself and just treat me to a relaxing stay either at home or a spa. Partial Fail ~ whilst I was able to spend some time alone I didn’t really practice self care. I was so busy planning for my then impending journey and forgot about my needs. 
  • Get organised – hiring a VA in February caused me to become so disorganized. I know that sounds weird but prior to having a VA I had to do it all so I did the schedules myself. Now I am too reliant that I honestly don’t know when I am coming or going. Partial Success ~ when you’ve been doing something for so long then ask someone to do it instead can offset your balance. Sometimes even chaotic situations in your life were organised in a crazy way and that’s where I was. I took back some control and was happy with the results but want to practice more. 
  • Blogging timeout – I always feel bad when I have to take some timeout from my blog. Because this is my baby and I work hard for it, but I also know right now I am not giving it my best. Success ~ this was the hardest thing ever but needed to be done. Regular readers know end of the month certain posts always appear. It’s the same thing with the beginning of the month like day 1 of the month it’s Goals. It’s day 5 and I am now just putting this post together. 
  • Exercising, yes! For the first time in 2017 I am adding exercise to my goals. A recent visit to the Doctor revealed I need to lose 2+ stones. I am currently 13 stones and need to be back to 10 stones. Fail ~ I knew I was setting myself up to fail but still wanted to try. I never set exercise/health goals because I never accomplish them but it was worth a try. 
  • Routine, I need to start re-practicing my morning routine, do 10 things before 10am and follow my bed routine. Fail ~ my excuse is being on holiday far from home offset my need to practice my usual routines. 

May 2017 Goals 

Looking at the April Goals kinda make me sad because I hardly achieved anything. But I am a strong believer in trying again until success and usually by trying another route. I will confess to definitely struggling with firstly putting this post together and then thinking about what goals to set. May has definitely started off very confusing for me and whilst future plans look promising I am scared on current day. 

Because I practically failed all my April Goals, I intend to repeat all. 

  • Self care! I intend on spending sometime with myself and just treat me to a relaxing stay either at home or a spa.
  • Exercising! I need to lose 2+ stones, 13 stone back to 10 or 9 stone. Meal planning and reducing sugar will be my main focus. 
  • Routine! Incorporating exercises in my daily routine will greatly help with my need to lose weight. 
  • Hydration! One thing I suck at is staying hydrated, drinking water is not fun for me. I have tried infused water which is tasty but ever so lazy to make daily and include in routine. 
  • Reduce Sugar intake! I love sweet things way more than I should and my teeth damage is proof. Reducing sugar intake will surely help and aid my journey of dropping 2+ stones. 
  • Read! Now right now the reading I am thinking of is for university than general reading. But I also would like to start general reading of novels again. I don’t want to force myself {will do for university} but want to ease into it again. 

As mentioned already I struggled to set these goals but once I started I couldn’t stop. What has stopped me is bio break my body seems to need every two seconds. Though I am sure you didn’t need to know that but is 1am on the 5th day of May and my lack of sleep kinder ruins my caring side 😬.

Have you set any goals for this month? Have you reviewed your yearly goals? Are you still inline with your New Years Resolutions?