Sisters Lunch Date ~ Bonding over Food

 lunch date

lunch date


Sisters Lunch Date

Yesterday my sister and I had a lunch date in London all thanks to Mango Tree Restaurant who invited us. We had such a wonderful time testing the menu and just spending quality time with each other. Those who know us know we bicker quite a bit but all in humor and mischief but  full of love. Due to our busy social calendars we rarely spend time together but this opportunity made it possible for us.

Regular readers know I travel quite a bit, practically every other weekend I am abroad. Unfortunately my sister never accompany’s me because we need to do her always need a visa and her work schedule. There is only a few places me and her go and one of them is London. Last time we had a lovely time cruising the Thames thanks to 365 tickets and spent some quality time together.

Lunch date

As I mentioned my sister and I love to bicker about silly things but we never argue. This time we didn’t even have the bickering, I went over to hers since her house is next to the bus stop for London. We ordered in some Chinese, watched a couple of movies and had an early night. Early morning we were up, showered and dressed heading to London. Thank goodness we left early because the traffic was mad we arrived exactly at 13.00 in time for our lunch at Mango Tree.

We both mentioned how much we enjoyed the atmosphere at Mango Tree and the food was out of this world. Neither of us have had Thai food before so we weren’t sure what to expect. I know Dim Sum but my sister didn’t, I took pleasure in explaining {googling} what it was. We had such a lovely lunch date and now can not wait to have more such days.