2017 Summer Jewellery Trends

Summer might not be here for a while yet but I am sure we’ve all had the odd sunny day recently which reminds us that’s it’s just around the corner. I know I did which got me thinking about my jewellery for this summer.

Summer fashion is always fun and interesting there are so many different ways to approach it and I can’t wait to tackle the summer months for my fashion favourites. But for now, let’s take a look at the jewellery trends for this summer.

2017 Summer Jewellery Trends

The 2017 trends are a real mix of old classics and new pieces that are showing a boom in popularity, so without further ado let’s take a look at my top picks for 2017’s summer jewellery trends.

Minerals and Geodes

Raw minerals and geodes are easily one of my picks for 2017 trends, offering a variety of colours and shapes, both men and women’s jewellery looks stunning with these natural beauties. Necklaces, in particular, were seen a lot on the summer runways from the big designers, but they are used in a variety of different pieces.

Finding mineral and geode jewellery can require a bit of searching but it will be worth it. I’ve seen some beautiful pieces on tateossian.com but you might be able to find some locally as well.

Thin Chokers

The choker has been a regular fixture of the UK’s summer jewellery seen for some years now but 2017 trends have shown it’s changed a little. Instead of the thicker more traditional choker trends are showing thinner and finer chokers to be the new favourite this summer. From simple bands of leather to more ornate pieces the fine choker looks set to be a popular piece this summer.

2017 summer jewellery trends

Gold Hoop Ear Rings

Great news the classic gold hoop earrings are back! Gold hoop earrings come in a range of different shapes, styles and sizes. It’s not surprising they are making a comeback for 2017. If you have a pair you’ve been saving, its time to break them out of hiding.  And if you don’t,  well now you have a great reason to go out and pick some up.

Bold Pendants

Pendants are looking like they’ll be a big part of 2017 trends but not in the way you might think. Summer jewellery pendants this year are much bigger and bolder. Instead of the cute smaller pendants, you might be used to you’ll want something bigger and more striking.

Whether it’s a bulky gemstone, raw stone or something completely different. Big bold and bulky pendants are going to be popular pieces this summer. Don’t be afraid to go for something a little bigger and more quirky when it comes to pendants this summer.

2017 summer jewellery trends


Crosses are an important symbol for many, but it’s also going to be one of 2017 trends for summer jewellery. From small traditional crucifixes to more ornate pieces. The cross was very popular on the summer runways and I think we’ll be seeing it a lot this summer. Crosses can come in many forms when it comes to jewellery from necklaces and pendants to earrings and chokers. It’s also used in both men and woman’s jewellery as well.

Big, Bold Ear Rings

It’s not just the classic gold hoop earring that is making a comeback this summer! Big, bold earrings are also looking like a big part of this summer’s jewellery. Whatever their style or type as long as they’re big and bold they’ll be a hit.  Especially tassel earrings, in particular, are looking to be very popular. Don’t be afraid of going for something a little bigger and bolder when it comes to your ears this summer.

What are some of the 2017 Summer Jewellery Trends you’re eager to see back?