June 2017 Goals 

June 2017 Goals, as I type this it’s 2 days before June 1st and I am totally in disbelief. How is it that we have reached the half way point of the year? of the many New Year’s resolutions you set, how many have been achieved, on track or chucked away? How has 2017 treated you so far? The recent terror attack in Manchester and many others across Europe have been putting a damper on things. I am sorry but I don’t understand how some people can justify killing innocent people. That’s all I will say on that because it’s a painful subject regardless of weather you’re directly affected or otherwise.

June 2017 goals

I feel like I need to pinch myself just to make sure I am sat writing about my June 2017 Goals. It’s a point in time where I want to sit down and really take a look at what I said I would do. Of those items I shared, what did I take time to do and what have I achieved. These questions have not exactly kept me up all night but have been bugging me for sure. But as always with my goal posts I like to review the previous month and see my progress.

May 2017 Goals {Recap} 

As you know I didn’t do so well with my April 2017 goals so I decided to repeat them in May.

  • Self care! I feel I have succeeded in this regard as I have taken some time to look after me.
  • Exercising! I have been to the gym 3 times this month, not a good start but a start nonetheless.
  • Routine! Still working on this.
  • Hydration! Still working on this.
  • Reduce Sugar intake! I have started and feels so good. I knew I couldn’t completely give up sugar so in my drinks. Also I am using sweetener and having less sugary foods and drinks.
  • Read! Not done any reading this morning not even for university which is quite bad.

As June is the mid-point of the year, I am taking this time to review where I am with the 2017 yearly goals.

Jan – June

  • Travel – the plan was to visit 6 cities {home or abroad} in total between  start of January and end of June. I have done 1 home, 3 abroad {Stockholm, Paris & Berlin} and have 3.5 booked for June.
  • Saving (Mortgage) – still saving though not where I would like to be. I ended up using some of the money for something else.
  • Saving (Emergency Fund) – depleted, used to assist family members and support my travels.
  • Finish and pass first year of post grad course – I have my final exam for year 1 soon. So far so good.

June 2017 Goals

I am quite happy and excited that I am working through my yearly goals quite nicely. The monthly goals are another issue but I have said before, if I don’t succeed first time I move it to next month. I felt I have made more progress from April but I want to do more in June. Though I am also thinking June is the month I do absolutely nothing and just enjoy the vacations planed. But then again I am someone who loves lists and always want to do something even it its writing REST on my list.

  • Reading – prepare for the post grad exam in 2 weeks. I will be taking reading material with me on vacation to ensure I study and prepare well for my exam.
  • Quality time – you wouldn’t believe how jam-packed my June calendar is. I am not complaining because it’s all fun for me but I still feel I need some me time in there.
  • Be more social – it’s funny that this is still on my list. I try to bring this back every couple of months when I notice I am not being social ‘enough’. Does spending time with your sister count as being social, because if it does then I am ok.
  • Review my finances – because of the crazy traveling I am embarking on this month, I need to review my finances. It’s funny how easily we spend overspend when we are not looking and being intentional. I like budgeting and knowing where my money is going but sometimes I lag. Not on budgeting but on the later and I need to look into it.
And there you have it my June 2017 goals, whether I accomplish them or not is not the point. The point is I set them and I am making an honest effort to accomplish my goals.