The Happy List #4 – Only the Beginning 

It’s only the beginning of what promises to be an amazing entry into the third decade of my life. Due to work reasons I decided to have a pre- 30 celebration which I am throwing myself and I chose Bali. Yes I took myself to Bali and glad I did and thankful for the ability to do such adventures. I am currently in Bali with a friend and it’s only the beginning of an incredible era to begin.

For the last 3 years I have been scared of the inevitable but a month away and I am excited. I didn’t want July 7, 2017 to come just yet because that meant I would be 30. It scared me more than I cared to admit until I realised its normal to be scared such is life. But instead of staying scared, I have embraced it and now excited for it to come to pass. I assure you it’s only the beginning.

The Happy List #4 – it’s only the beginning

As mentioned in the last 3 The Happy List, the purpose is to share all my joys and ignore the bad. I am an optimistic with a realistic view on life, I love to hope even when logic dictates not to. For me it’s all about seeing good even in the worst places and being appreciative of what I have and don’t have. Obviously this weekend the Happy List is centred around my upcoming entry into the third decade. And also smashing my 30 before thirty goals one weekend at a time but before we lose ourselves here is the happy list #4.

Pre-30 celebrations.

As mentioned I decided a few months back that I would either take myself to Bali or to Hawaii. Bali won (cheaper) and everything was set until a friend decided to join. As much as I am a solo traveler I do enjoy having company on some of my travels. This Pre-30 celebrations trip definitely needed a girlfriend ride along to make it more memorable.

Doha my love 😍

When booking our flights to Bali we found out we would have a 10 hour layover in Doha. Having a friend whose an absolutely cutie pie and gentleman made this crazy long layover much more fun. We decided to go explore Doha with our very on chauffeur and it was epic. It might be Ramadan but we had the best weather and explored more than we thought possible.

June 2017 you beauty 💋

June 2017 is one month that describes “it’s only the beginning” better than any other month. There is no weekend in June that I will be home for due to the busy but welcome travels booked. In the hopes of completing my travel bucketlist and cementing my solo traveler proclamation I outdid myself. Thanking the powers above does not even begin to cover how grateful I am for this my life.


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