A Day in Transylvania 

A Day in Transylvania

Transylvania is the 7th largest city in Romania and one of the most visited tourist town. I had the privilege of going on a day trip to Transylvania on my recent getaway to Romania. The planned visited to Romania was only to visit Bucharest, but I had time and money to splash. I booked an all day tour of Transylvania from Burachest for €110, not cheap but worth it. I used a private tour company Daco Tours who pick you up from hotel and drop you off at chosen location.

The itinerary for visiting Transylvania was long but the weather was not on our side. It included visiting: Peles & Bran Castles, Fortress Poenari, Sibiu, Brasov, sighisoara and Transfagarasan road. But due to the weather I could only choose two places that I really visit more than the rest. The choice was hard as I wanted to see it all but settled for Bran Castle and Peles Castle. Both are picturesque from different points on view and offered so much history.

Bran Castle

Bran Castle {Dracula’s Castle}

Situated near Bran, a national monument and landmark in real close proximity to Brasov. The castle is commonly known as Dracula Castle all because of Bran Stoker’s movie Dracula. Even though there is no real evidence of that Bram even knew anything about this castle. The associated legend has made this place one of the most popular monuments in Romania. Visiting the castle today you will find it’s been turned into a museum displaying art and furnitures collected by Queen Maria.

Peles Castle

Peles Castle

Neo-renaissance castle located near Sinaia in Prahova and nestled in the southeastern side of Carpathian Mountains was constructed by King Carol I. It is believed at when King Carol I visited the castle he fell in love with the mountain scenery. Peles castle was the first castle to be powered by locally produced electricity.

The popularity of the Castle extends beyond the locals to foreign dignitaries as well as movies. The Brothers Bloom is an excellent example of the castle’s movie feature. What I loved about the castle is not just the beautiful exterior and glorious mountain views but the museum inside. The inside is so beautiful though you can only view it with a tour guide or join the guided tours offered.

Having a personal chauffeur as the tour guide made my journey so comfortable and enjoyable. I didn’t have to rush anywhere for anything and it was lovely having someone who knew the city.

Have you ever visited Transylvania, Bucharest or any place in Romania? What was your favourite thing?