{Monthly Roundup} July 2017 Fashion Favourites 

July 2017 Fashion Favourites, a monthly roundup of all the outfit ideas I have shared throughout July. This roundup is the seventh installment for 2017 but the 21st installment since I started this series back in December 2015. Regular readers of A July Dreamer know how much I love sharing outfit ideas. I have no claim on the Fashion diva title nor a fashionable person but I think Fashion fits all. Because of that I share outfits I have tried or dreamed of trying using my polyvore mood board.

Fashion Favourites

July is always an exciting month for me because it is both my birthday and blogaversary month for the blog. It is surreal to think I turned 30 earlier in the month and that this blog turned 4 years. How has it been 4 years of blogging already? I still remember my humble beginnings and grateful daily for the current status and standing of this blog. Like many bloggers I have sacrificed many a free time to ensure I provide good content for my readers.

July 2017 Fashion Favourites

Since July is a celebratory month , I decided to start the month with sharing my Birthday Fashion wishlist. Whilst you can’t always get what you want, I am glad to say I got my Michael Kors bag and I am extremely happy. I had been wanting to own one of these bags for the longest time and now it’s my little treasure. Though I am not a materialistic person, I must confess having something of luxury just feels epic.

The epic-ness of July started when I had a Dubai kind of birthday, Yes I went to Dubai for my 30th. Many people where surprised to find I only went for the weekend and not the entire week. I loved Dubai and would probably visit it again but not more than a couple of days, the heat is unbearable.

I continued the traveling in July with a trip to Somerset with family and friends, Rock of Ages. The beaches in Somerset where all stony and reminded me of Brighton beach which is a stony beach. It was a joyous time being with friends and family, celebrating another birthday girl. The weather wasn’t the best but we’d gone with hopes of enjoying the beach in our bikinis. But British weather had other plans, and here was me trying to enjoy the British Summers {in} playsuits.

Rock of Ages

Give me sunshine

However that has proven to be a difficult feat so I decided to bring some sunshine to myself. A Yellow {kind of} day is exactly what the doctor ordered and I am living it up. Cloudy days always seem to dampen people’s moods and I for one won’t be allowing that. I am bringing sunshine to myself by dressing in yellow and staying colourful.

And there you have it, the July 2017 Fashion Favourites rounded up to share what you might have missed. Which was your favourite outfit I shared this month?