July 2017 Goals ~ Birthday Month

July 2017 goals marks the 7th installment of the monthly goal series I started end of 2013. Every month I put together goals I wish to accomplish in the new month and effortlessly try to complete them. Whilst I don’t guarantee 100% completion I always aim for it and sometimes I reach it sometimes I don’t. For me it’s about trying and if I don’t succeed I move it to the next month until I do. Every month I share with you my goals from the previous month and show how I fared. I do not always accomplish all goals but I make an effort to ensure I try again next time.

Let’s review last month’s goals and how I fared…

June 2017 Goals

For the month of June 2017 I shared the following goals, let’s review:

  • Reading – prepare for the post grad exam in 2 weeks. I will be taking reading material with me on vacation to ensure I study and prepare well for my exam. {Successful – passed the exam too}
  • Quality time – you wouldn’t believe how jam-packed my June calendar is. I am not complaining because it’s all fun for me but I still feel I need some me time in there. {Successful – intentionally took time for me}
  • Be more social – it’s funny that this is still on my list. I try to bring this back every couple of months when I notice I am not being social ‘enough’. Does spending time with your sister count as being social, because if it does then I am ok. {Successful – spent more time with my sister and made new friends}
  • Review my finances – because of the crazy traveling I am embarking on this month, I need to review my finances. It’s funny how easily we spend overspend when we are not looking and being intentional. I like budgeting and knowing where my money is going but sometimes I lag. Not on budgeting but on the later and I need to look into it. {Failed – didn’t review anything in June just spent too much}.

July – Sep ~ 2nd Half

As regular readers know I put together what I call yearly goals {NOT RESOLUTIONS} broken and review quarterly. The review period is like a checker for myself on how I am progressing with what I wish to accomplish in 2017. You will notice that the yearly goals are focused around three {3} areas in my life. Travel, Saving and Saving.

  • Travel – finish 30 Before Thirty travel bucketlist
  • Saving (Mortgage) – save up to 20% of deposit target
  • Saving (Emergency Fund) – added another £500
  • Start second year of post grad

July 2017 Goals

July is a special month for me, it’s NOT only my birthday but FOURTH {4th} blogaversary too – a day apart. Whilst I do not wish to set unrealistic goals for my self, I still want to put something together.

  • Celebrate and Enjoy – I turn 30 on July 7th and I am treating myself to an awesome trip. Check my Instagram for a sneak peek of where I am off to, I am so excited as I will be turning 30 in the air.
  • Plan and Prepare – I have a busy three weeks ahead after my birthday due to work. I am still looking for more Blogger guest posts to help this blog tick over whilst I focus 100% on my day job.
  • Review my finances – I am a stronger believe in carry unaccomplished goals forward and trying again. This goal is one I know will be challenging for the next couple of months. As I am no longer getting funding for my postgraduate from work I need new avenues and need to review my finances.
  • Funding source for Postgraduate – as mentioned my work is not longer sponsoring me with my studies so need new avenue. I know it wont be easy probably will be one of the most testing times but need to stay positive.
  • Take time for me – Sometimes I feel silly for adding this in as a goal but I know the importance of self-care. I suffer from insomnia and on a good day I wake up at 4 am or even 3 because my body functions on little sleep. So for me 75% of the time, me time is spent sleeping at home during the day as I can’t manage it at night.

As mentioned already, I am not one for unrealistic goals so that’s it for now. July is and will be an extremely busy month for me but I am still excited. After all, it is both my big milestone birthday and four blogaversary month.


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  1. Chloe
    July 1, 2017 / 11:10 am

    Hi, I hope you have a fab 30th. Oh and happy 4th birthday to your blog in advance. Having me time is essential as lack of sleep has a big impact on our bodies.

    • July 2, 2017 / 8:00 am

      Thank you so much Chloe for both wishes, I am excited for my 30th as well as the 4th blog birthday.

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