{Monthly Roundup} July 2017 Sponsors ~ Thank You

July 2017 Sponsors is the seventh installment of the monthly roundup, I am forever grateful to ALL the incredible sponsors. Obviously none of this would be possible without my amazing readers who time and again come back to A July Dreamer. When I started blogging Four years ago, for me it was a hobby, a place to share my thoughts. Fast forward this hobby is slowly turning into a business and I am forever grateful to you all.

Sponsors of A July Dreamer come in many forms, content provision, product reviews and many more. For the July 2017 Sponsors roundup, I will aim to breakdown the sponsors into different categories. And for potential Sponsors who wish to collaborate, please review the ‘Work with Me‘ page for more information.

July 2017 Sponsors #reviews

Kinzd  – Hong Kong company who make strong leather wallets and sell at affordable prices. Initially started off as a men’s only brand but recently divested into creating wallets and cosmetic bags for women. Prior to being contacted by the company I hadn’t heard of them before and with any new brands you do research. What I found about them impressed me enough to agree to this collaboration and happy to recommend them. You can purchase your very own wallet or cosmetic bag HERE and HERE.

FUÜM a British brand that has combined the Danish concept of Hygge, and the lightness and structure of Japanese Ukiyo. Taking the idea of a sanctuary and lightness of Ukiyo, FUÜM has created a mattress that captures both. Sleep in important to everyone, we all desire to have a comfortable and enjoyable nights rest. When FUÜM reached out for this collaboration I was more than happy to work with them. I had heard about the brand before and knew they provided quality mattresses which conform to your body.


Shakespeare’s Globe. Thanks to 365 Tickets I was able to visit The Globe in London with my sister and learn of its history.

The original Shakespeare’s Globe was built around 1576 and later William Shakespeare joined the production. After many disputes and ownership changes the theatre run successfully for about 14 years. In 1613 during a performance of Henry VIII a canon was lit to signify a king’s entrance which set the theatre ablaze. It was quickly rebuilt to what would be the second Shakespeare’s Globe but was later demolished during England’s Puritan administration.

July 2017 Sponsors #contentprovision

When it comes to reviewing and accepting content for my blog, I consider a couple of things. If I was a regular A July Dreamer, would this content interest me? If the answer is yes then I accept the content. Does the content being provided fit into the overall theme of the blog, if yes then I accept. There is a lot of good content out there and even more amazing writers but not everything would fit A July Dreamer. Content that I accept is one that I would have loved to read and myself. loafers

Fashion and Beauty

5 outfits to that look best with loafers, whilst I don’t own any loafers I do love the styling tips offered. I am someone who loves creating outfits but also appreciate tips from others too.

5 proven ways to combat tired skin, who wouldn’t want to know the secret to great skin? Whilst the beauty section of the blog is in dire need of content this piece certainly helped. I love reading about new products and brands that only aim to improve my skin using natural ingredients.

road trip



7 tips for safe and happy road trips, as a new driver myself taking road trips has been high on my list. I am passionate about driving but also about being safe on the roads especially as I navigate alone. The roads can be scary and dangerous place especially during summer when many take vacations.

Ho Chi Minh, a city I have never thought of visiting but many a time planned as a stopover. A fellow traveler shared why people should considering Ho Chi Minh city has more than a stopover city. I for one was sold and would definitely include it in my itinerary next time I am in that part of the world.

Discovering Bali by bike, having been to Bali myself I was happy to provide readers with more content. I have shared my Bali Highlights but yet to share the whole nine yards. There is more to Bali than meets the eye, you can certainly travel to it on a budget but it’s easy to experience luxury too.


Difference between Solid and Engineered wood, whilst I am currently renting I am also looking to buy soon. Though I never truly appreciated the value of good flooring it pays to know whats best for where. Many of us think, this wood flooring would look cute here or there but is it practical? These are some of the things many of us don’t often consider until it’s too late.

Restaurants in Miami


5 Best theme restaurants in Miami, as an avid traveler and a food lover I was happy to share this content. I always loved reading about the best eats in different cities and when I visit I try to hook me up. It’s always nice when someone else has done the reviewing and you just need to enjoy.

3 Marathons around the world to run, I am no runner but wouldn’t be cool to do a marathon in Japan? I just thought it was cool that many marathon runners don’t restrict themselves to just home marathons. Whilst I probably wouldn’t be able to run a marathon I would visit the cities gladly.

And there you have it, the incredible and amazing sponsors I collaborated with in July 2017. All thanks to the awesome readers who time and again check out this small part of the internet world.