Afternoon Tea at Chi Kitchen London {Sister’s thought} 

Chi kitchen is a pan-Asian restaurant with two restaurants in Birmingham and London {inside Debenhams in Oxford Circus}. We recently had the pleasure of enjoying and testing out the afternoon tea menu which was awesome. I will be sharing a thorough review of our experience later in the week but for now here is my sister’s experience.

chi kitchen

Afternoon Tea at Chi Kitchen London {Sister’s thought} 

Afternoon tea; I love Afternoon tea!  Did I say how much I love Afternoon tea? Anybody that knows me knows that this is my favourite activity to partake in, over the weekend.

I blame mum and my sister really because ever since I was younger on Saturdays or Sundays we’d go for afternoon tea, just us girl or with my older brother. Every time we went shopping or just on a family day out afternoon tea, was how the day was concluded. It felt like a reward and still feels like one. That has stuck with me up to this age and is something am willing to recommend to others. Feeling down, long week?, or just stuck for ideas of what to do over the weekend, go for afternoon tea.

Here are some of the reasons why I love afternoon tea.  The nostalgia the ideology encompasses and the sheer fact that all the food I have is always AMAZING. Earlier this week my sister text me about going for afternoon tea for my birthday but due to work commitments; it wasn’t possible. Therefore this weekend was a surprise when I was invited to central London by my sister and she asked me to meet her in Debenhams. As soon as I saw the sign “Afternoon tea from 3pm-6pm” my eyes were glowing. This is my favourite activity, this is my sport the restaurant was very modern, with really good light.

The Afternoon Tea with Asian Twist

We tried everything on the afternoon menu, but the bubbly which was the afternoon tea tier. In true British form I ordered a Mint tea for and my sister ordered a Malaysia tea which resembles a hot chocolate. Our menu was served on a 3 tier tray of deliciousness, our initial thoughts were “will this fill us up?” But its afternoon tea! Of course it will, don’t be silly. We started from the bottom tier which had the spring roll; taro cake, curry puff served with sweet chili sauce.

    • Spring roll. As someone who’s had 1 too many spring rolls, I found that the puff pastry was cooked to perfection and the vegetables were nice and fresh!
    • Taro cake. Thin slice of taro cake with a splash of sweet chili sauce went down a treat. I think my sister didn’t even have a chance to dip hers on the flat because when I looked up it had disappeared.
    • Curry puff.  Bite size, pocket with filling of carrots and an assortment of vegetables. Very well seasoned and went down as an absolute treat with and without the sweet chili sauce. (I say this to say that I had my portion and my sisters). We ate the first tier so quickly, that I questioned what was there previously. It was so delicious!

Second tier; Salmon Nigiri and prawn dumpling. Served with soy sauce.
  • Salmon Nigiri. Is actually delicious sushi,  I’ve never had sushi and it was laid on a bed of a fragrant leaf. My initial thoughts were to bite into it and then slowly eat it however I just chomped it all down. It was so good, my senses at this point were just tingling and asking for more.
  • Prawn dumpling. The presentation was immaculate, on top of the dumpling were these green tint little balls of flavour. I dipped this into soy sauce and I think I heard the theme song to the lion king. The dumpling was awesome, the flavours were perfect.
Then finally the last, well top-tier.

Top tray : dessert, caramel cheesecake, cassava and Pandan kaya bun.

  • Caramel cheesecake: the texture was beautiful with a really nice consistency, the portion size was adequate.
  • Cassava cake: am going to refer to this as a slice of heaven. Bite size portion, as someone whose only had cassava the African way having the cassava cake was just delicious. The thought is enough to make me salivate again.
  • Pandan kaya bun: this is a Malaysian paste , inside a soft light green bun. Don’t be fooled by the look of this little bun; it’s very filling!

Prawn Dragon Tempura and Dim Sum Platter

Half way through our dessert we notice our neighbors having the Prawn dragon with frozen nitrogen platter. It looked amazing; even though we were starting to feel full. I’d taken off my belt, to let the food find its rightful place within my stomach as it’s earned it’s place and more. We ordered a couple of things off the main menu, prawn dragon tempura and Dim sum platter.

Afternoon tea at Chi kitchen is amazing, this is definitely one you don’t want to miss out. If you’re ever in Oxford circus or Birmingham get yourself to a chi kitchen. GO! but also I’d suggest always trying things that are off menu.
Not only is this a learning experience for your taste buds but also opens up your palette to more options.

Thank you Chi Kitchen for inviting my sister and I to taste your afternoon tea menu. We will definitely be back to try the afternoon tea with Asian twist and the Prawn Dragon Tempura.