Guilty Pleasures I like to indulge in during Me-Time

Me time is not all about relaxing and doing next to nothing, it’s also about indulging your guilty pleasures. When I say guilty pleasures I am not talking about anything criminal just something you enjoy. It could be anything from binge watching your favourite shows to eating a tub of ice cream alone.

The concept of me time has been around for the longest time but it’s only in recent years it’s been the centre of attention. For mama’s this is something they crave dearly but mummy guilt gets in the way for many or there is never the time. Millennials also sing the same song re me time but are always attached to their devices to have real me time. For me personally me time is about intentionally setting sometime in a day or week where I just enjoy the present. The majority of my me time involves me tucking into my guilty pleasures which there are many of.

Guilty Pleasures

Disclaimer: We all lead different lives, what works for me might not work for you. You have to assess your life and see where you can make room for me-time and how often. Only you know your schedule and though it might be hectic there are times you can squeeze in me time. 


Guilty Pleasures I indulge in during Me-Time

We all have guilty pleasures of all sorts, for some we can share them easily for others not so much. 😉😜 Whatever your guilty pleasures might be, make sure to dig into them whenever possible for your sanity. Many studies have been conducted which have highlighted the benefits of me-time. With that in mind here is a list of my guilty pleasures, share yours in the comments.

  • Taking a nice shower or bath
  • Watching a movie at home tucking into my homemade salted popcorn
  • Eating a tub of ice cream in the middle of winter because I can and love ice cream all year-long
  • Dressing up wearing only my favourite Personalised hoodies and chillling at home. 
  • Playing online games, using sites like Bingo G to see reviews of which sites I should use.
  • Watching true crime TV like fatal attraction and women who kill 
  • Having a cup of tea with several types of biscuits
  • Sleeping and doing nothing all day long
  • Listening to loud music at home
  • Traveling is the biggest guilty pleasure of mine. I spend more time traveling than in my own home and thanks to flight centre I have travel game name.