{Fashion Monday} Boohoo 2017 Wishlist

Boohoo 2017 Wishlist
Boohoo is an online fashion store which I have been enchanted with for years and now decided to put together a wishlist. All the items contained in the Boohoo 2017 wishlist are ones that I am lusting after and wouldn’t mind adding to my wardrobe. Whenever I visit Boohoo.com I often lose track of time because I seem to want practically everything.

Autumn has been by far my favourite season of 2017, don’t get me wrong I still love summer big time. But somehow this year I have been enjoying being out and about embracing the season and wrapping up warm. The items in my Boohoo 2017 Wishlist are those that I can use throughout the year and that’s how I do most of my shopping. Over the last few years I have enjoyed pieces that I can transition season to season.

Boohoo 2017 Wishlist

Boohoo 2017 Wishlist – Autumn Edition 

I have a confession to make, I have a love-hate relationship with Jumpsuits. For me they are the easiest items to style but also the most annoying when it’s loo time. I have such not so envious recollection of being dressed to the hilt then stuck and almost peeing myself. But regardless I still love jumpsuits I just know not to wear them to large parties or a day out on the town.

Though autumn is not exactly the coldest season one does need to keep the warm and a light mac jacket would do the trick. For the past few weeks I have been busy trotting around my county visiting some amazing places. The leather jacket is fine but often is warmer than needed a light jacket is what I need.

When all the leaves have changed colours but it’s slightly dump boots are what one needs. I have several pairs of boots which I love but none like the ones I have seen in Boohoo.com. And when it comes to accessories, I like to keep it simple as possible. A nice scarf can make a difference to an outfit so can a lovely piece of jewellery. 

what are some of the items you’re loving this season? Do you ever shop from Boohoo.com