{Monthly Roundup} October 2017 Sponsors #thankyou 

October 2017 Sponsors is the tenth installment of the monthly roundup to show my appreciation to ALL the sponsors. My gratitude also extends to my amazing readers who time and again come back to support A July Dreamer. I am always amazed at how fortunate I am to have brands and companies that want to collaborate. This is not something I take for granted, I am eternally grateful and this is how I show my thanks {again}.

{MONTHLY ROUNDUP} October 2017 Sponsors

October 2017 was a fairly busy month for us, we have collaborated with some incredible brands and feel honoured. We are excited to see these brands again on the blog and welcome new ones who wish to work together.

Regular readers of A July Dreamer know I work with various clients to bring you the best of the best. Most of the collaborations are either; Fashion or Lifestyle but we collaborate with travel brands and many more. If you’re new to A July Dreamer or a potential partner who would love to collaborate, see Work with Me. I offer various types of collaborative opportunities and you’re welcome to ask for more details.

October 2017 Sponsors


Lifestyle collaborations

As an avid traveler, one thing I wouldn’t mind doing was taking a sabbatical from work to travel more. But we all know financial feasibility often hinders us from taking that much-needed break. Most of us end up burning out at work and find ourselves stressed all the time. To avoid the burn out I have a productive daily routine that I practice and has been helpful. But I still need that extended holiday to self discovery or maybe learn a new language.

Though I am not a smoker, I do have friends who are and have transitioned to e-cigarettes. I am no expert on the matter but I am not closed-minded either and enjoyed reading about E-Juice. There are so many flavours out there and though I feel e-cigs have more ‘smoke’ they are healthier.

When it comes to talking about weddings, I knew this piece on Digitizing the wedding industry would be of interest to me. We are living in the modern era where almost everything is now online but I feel for weddings it shouldn’t all be. I am all for things being made easier but I love the human connection when it comes to shopping for a wedding.

Precious Gift Of Sleep

Home Collaborations

To start the month, we worked with a client who provided us useful content piece for this time of year. How to get your bedroom cosy this autumn, some of the ideas shared are some I have implemented myself. The weather has changed and so should our homes, the heating is on in my home now.

Sleep is something I am passionate about, I mean who isn’t but I am an insomniac. I know that the perfect gift I can give myself is gift of sleep and this article shared tips to achieve that.

Another piece of content provided was Sowing seeds for novice gardeners, I am a total novice. My mother has got green thumbs and everything she plants grows, whilst I kill mine. I could do with all the tips I can get and this article definitely gave me that advice.

Another piece of content I was happy to share was giving tips on being a sensible borrower. I am someone who is working on clearing my debt and these tips were very handy to me.

Konifer wooden watches

Fashion Collaborations

Konifer is a Canadian wood watch maker and retailer, they reached out to me in September for possible collaboration. I was happy to choose a stylish wooden watch which I gifted to my father and he loves it. It was slight big for me and I was running low on gifts {oops} and this was perfect present.

The Idle Man is an online shop catering to men’s fashion and we were happy to collaborate with them. I picked out a couple of items for the men in my life and styled them up and kept them warm. I have loved the quality of their products, the price is just amazing and they offer more than just clothes.

Still focusing on men’s fashion, I love a man who puts some thought into his outfits; dressing to impress. It’s always nice seeing a man nicely put together in his outfit of choice and exuding confidence. Whether his in a suit or smart causal I am game and definitely impressed.

Veeno - Italian wine shop

Collaborative Reviews

Earlier in the month we had an opportunity to enjoy some wine tasting at Veeno Reading #weloveveeno. It was such a welcome opportunity, not that my sister and I needed any more excuses to drink. This was perfect timing after such a hard September, it was a light in the dark.

As a huge lover of sweets I was happy to share my thoughts on this American candy subscription box. It’s not every day you come across American candy in the UK so I was over the moon to try it out.

family friendly campgrounds

Travel Collaborations

Camping is not something I am knowledgeable on, I have done glamping but that’s it. I am still not sure if I could go camping in the woods, maybe in a caravan I might consider it. It is something I know I want to try at least once but not sure when I will be able to do it.

Speaking of Caravans, who wouldn’t like to go on a tour of Scotland in a Campervan? I know I definitely would be up for it but probably in Summer or Autumn when the weather is warmer. Scotland is such a beautiful country, I have been fortunate to have seen some of its cities but want to see more.

As always thank you to all my lovely sponsors and the readers who constantly support A July Dreamer. It is very much appreciated and I know I wouldn’t be where I am without your support.