2017 Winter Wishlist 

2017 winter wishlist consists of all the items I am needing in preparation for the upcoming winter. Over the weekend the weather had definitely dipped lower than the last few weeks felt more winter than autumn. Though winter officially starts in a couple of weeks, the British weather has already started. Nothing surprising there as if it is not rainy or cold, it is cold. I figured this is the best time for me to start putting together my 2017 winter wishlist.

Those who know me know how much I hated being cold hence why my 2017 wishlist looks ‘warm’. I have picked items that I know I definitely need to keep me warm and looks cute. Obviously cute isn’t the main reason but it doesn’t hurt to have something cute.

2017 Winter Wishlist

The 2017 Winter Wishlist

I was in Rome for a few days and when I returned home I found my boiler had packed and left. This was not the warm welcome I was looking for returning to my home instead I got a frost start. This definitely prompted me to think about what items I should have to prepare for winter.

  • Winter coat – when I was almost at the airport I realised I did not have any of my winter coats. I was flying to Rome in a few hours and had now time to head back home for a coat. I instead opted to buy one from Oasis and picked up this lovely Faux Leather Biker Jacket. Definitely loving it but I do not think it will cut it for winter, I need something warmer.
  • Boots – everyone knows I am a sucker for ankle boots and now knee-high boots. I am definitely stocking up on boots even though I am thinking of giving my older ones away. I picked these recently from JD Williams which I totally love and can not wait to receive them.
  • Blankets and hot water bottle – I am never without my hot water bottle for warmth. When I found my boiler had packed in, it is the first item I reached for. Blankets are also my favourite items for keeping warm and got a few lying around.
  • Accessories – Whenever I am thinking of dressing up warm for the day, I reach for scarves and beanies. I must confess I have more than a few scarves in all shapes and sizes. Scarves are versatile and can be added to any outfit.

How are you preparing for winter? What items do you find yourself reaching for during the winter months?