Autumn night skincare routine

Do you have an autumn night skincare routine or a nightly routine that you follow? It doesn’t necessary have to be skincare one but having a routine in life is important. Recently I shared my Autumn Morning Skincare Routine and many mentioned they try to have a skincare routine. Though many admitted they don’t change it with the weather, most do have something in place. Whilst it’s nice to have a routine, it’s important to ensure its a routine that works for YOU.

For years I did not have a skincare routine, I am lucky to never have had but skin breakouts but I had my share. The pimples were always the worst and came out at the most importune time. After I started blogging I learned the importance of taking care of my skin. We all know a good diet is important but so are the products we expose our skin too. For me, natural products are always the best, the less chemicals contained the better.

Autumn skincare routine

Autumn night skincare routine 

The aim of this post is to provide an insight into my autumn night skincare routine. Hopefully this will help with your own routine or a start to a new routine. I am someone who doesn’t like using too many products on my face. The maximum number of products I use at any one time is 5 but at nice its 3 but usually 2. I don’t feel the need to cloud my face with too many creams. For me it’s important to allow my skin to breath and take in the nutrients from within.

I have a simple routine which many people can adopt, every night;

  • I Remove makeup {if I wore any} mostly with micellar water or face wipes.
  • Cleanse my skin with simple face wash, its dermatologically tested to suit all skin types.
  • I use a Toner to remove excess oil, grime and dirt.
  • Then I Moisturize with a light night cream

As I mentioned already, I normally use 3 products each night before bed to cleanse my skin. But there are days when I take a day off and don’t follow the routine above. I am a great believer in taking some time out but not more than a day’s worth. At night I try not to use cleaners and instead use face wipes or micellar water.

But there also days when I like to pamper myself and add more products to my routine. Though it is a rare occurrence, it’s always nice to give my face a nice spa treatment.

Optional products

Depending on your skin type, you will need to know what type of products you can use and when. I have oily skin which I was once not a fan of but now love. But still it can be quite annoying being oily throughout the day.

This routine like many of my other routines work for me because I took time to research what works and what doesn’t.  The routine should be used as a guide only and nothing more but I hope it is helpful to someone.

Do you have a routine that you follow? Do you change you routines per season?