JustFab Wishlist

JustFab is an online fashion and accessories boutique and I have been a VIP member on/off for years. They have a varied selection of women’s fashion items and accessories which is always pleasing. Though I have had some disappointing items, I still love the products I bought. The most disappointing purchase to date was these boots which curved in. Obviously I wore them constantly for a couple of months but didn’t expect them to get damaged.
Justfab Wishlist
Since becoming a member in 2013, one of my favourite things to purchase has been handbags. A girl can never have to many bags and I am the epitome of that statement, worn with pride. The first JustFab bag I bought was a Islington top handled studded bag. Though the Nikoli Tote {£25} a reversible faux leather tote, styled  HERE is a fun favourite. Until recently I did not realise who many Justfab items I own and how many I want, hence the wishlist.

Justfab Wishlist 

I have been receiving lots of emails from Justfab enticing me to purchase several items. But looking at my finances of late that is not a possibility I am willing to indulge hence the Justfab wishlist. Though you might be wondering how I managed to purchase these Knee High Boots, which are amazing. Justfab has a VIP membership where I pay £35 a month which gives me store credit. I have some store credit right now which I will be using for my besties birthday present. But apart from that the items I am loving from Justfab are mostly Boots, handbags and accessories. I have included the blocked heels and absolutely love this colour. They may not be weather appropriate at this time of the year but honestly who cares, I love them.

I have kept my wishlist pretty simple and can not wait to start getting them one by one. What do you think of my wishlist? Do you ever shop in Justfab?

Disclosure: I am including my Affiliate link which gives you 50 points when you join. I would then get £15 for everyone who signs up as VIP member.