Breakfast at Waddesdon Manor Restaurant 

Waddesdon Manor Restaurant is one of the many eateries offered at Waddesdon Manor former home of the Rothschild family. On one unsuspecting autumnal morning we ventured to the Waddesdon Manor Restaurant for some English Breakfast. The restaurant promised to keep us warm and keep our tummies filled with yummy foods. Located were the old servants hall used to be, the restaurant is in a great location. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating with a selection of varied menus. It is hard to miss the restaurant as it’s located on the left of the Waddesdon Manor with easy access.


Waddesdon Manor Restaurant

Waddesdon Manor Restaurant

Regular readers will remember two weekends ago I ventured to Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property with my sister. We arrived before 10 am and hadn’t had chance to have breakfast at home so we opted to have it there. It is highly recommended to book a table in advance of the visit to avoid disappointment. We were in luck, though locals flocked in later there were enough free tables to accommodate us.

It was quite evident from the moment we arrived that we would get good service for the serving staff. With only a handful of customers upon our arrival, we were eagerly greeted and shown to our table. As we were getting comfortable a menu was provided to us, get a few moments to review the menu and came to take our order.

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Waddesdon Manor Restaurant

The Ambiance of Waddesdon Manor Restaurant

When you enter the restaurant you’re immediately thrown into the deep end with the decor. Speaking to the waiting staff he informed us of how the room has been preserved from long ago. One side of the room you have an assortment of old cookery and w bottles of assorted drinks. On another side you have the old cooking unit and large cookery used in another life time. Doing a 360 you find an impressive piece of art which resembles something featured in vogue magazine. Behind it you find more seating area which one the day was not in use.

Waddesdon Manor Restaurant

When we arrived there was enough free tables for us to choose from so we sat away from the door. It was rather chilly morning and we wanted to keep as warm as possible whilst we waited on our food. The tables not in use were left bare but upon being seated the tables were quickly done.

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The Full English Breakfast at Waddesdon Manor Restaurant

One thing we knew upon arrival was we wanted anything resembling a full English and we were in luck. Waddesdon Manor Restaurant offers many variations of breakfast and our choice was full English with all the trimmings. To accompany the breakfast was a choice of teas and coffees offered. I opted for Darjeeling first flush tea and my sister chose the China Jasmine tea. Each pot of tea was charged £2.90 per person. I didn’t even care about the price as I was in love with the teapot.

Waddesdon Manor Restaurant

The full English breakfast came with a choice of white or brown toast and a glass of orange juice. I can honestly say, this full English has to be one of the cutely presented breakfast yet. Everything about the decor of our table and the taste of the food was on par. We definitely enjoyed this breakfast and took our time taking in all the Waddesdon Manor had to offer.

Eat Shop Tour

With eating done and the bill settled {thanks sis}, we decided to check out the wine and gift shop. Both shops are located next to the restaurant and easily accessible from the inside of the manor. Whilst the rest of the manor was closed in preparation for Christmas the shops were open.

It’s really lovely entering the shop and being greeted with festive decorations and accessories. I am a sucker for checking our the national trust shops when I visit the properties. Whilst Waddesdon Manor is part of the National Trust, its managed by the Rothschild Foundation. So are the shops and pretty much everything else on the grounds of the estate.

Waddesdon Manor

After checking out the shops and purchasing a couple of items, we ventured to the back of the Waddesdon Manor. It was a sunny but chilly morning so we opted to walk instead of taking the shuttle bus. The manor sits on a beautiful piece of land it would be criminal not have explored the grounds.

We had such a beautiful experience at the restaurant, the food was superb and the service second to none. The staff both inside and outside the restaurant were friendly and very welcoming.

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Disclaimer: This is an uncommissioned review of Waddesdon Manor Restaurant, all opinions are my own.


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  1. November 19, 2017 / 3:21 pm

    The breakfast looks really yummy. I really like the setting of this place.

  2. jennifuchs
    November 17, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    What a beautiful setting. And the breakfast looks divine.

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