48-HRS in Rome: The Highlights

Two weekends ago I spent 48-hrs in Rome, a city that has been on my travel bucketlist for years. In November I managed to tick this incredible city off my list, Rome was definitely not made in a day. With impressive tourist spots like the Colosseum and the Vatican it’s easy to see why millions flock to this city. Rome is a city that will leave an impression on you, it has certainly left an impact on my life. Before I get into detail, here are some of the highlights of my visit and why you too should visit.

48-HRS in Rome: The Highlights

As most of my travels they begin with me randomly searching for weekend flights to somewhere in Europe. This time I was fortunate to find a cheap flight for Rome and even cheaper if I returned on Monday. Took the day off because I knew the drive to and from the airport would be a killer. When it comes to booking hotels I always use Booking.com, using my link for a 10% discount. Disclosure – this is an affiliate link, I earn £20 if you book through it.

Rome highlights

The initial apartment I booked turned out to be worse for wear, I ended up booking another for the night. I stayed in the original apartment as I was too tired to find another that very day. Regardless this didn’t dampen my time in Rome not one bit and can not recommend visiting Rome enough. I did manage to find a 4 star hotel which was located right in the centre of Rome.

When I flew to Rome I had no specific itinerary, to be honest I just wanted to rest. There is so much to see and do in Rome and 48 hours was certainly not enough. But I felt if I could see two places high on my mental list I would be happy and content. All I wanted was to make sure I saw The Vatican City & Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum with a tour inside one of them. I managed to get a ticket to tour the Colosseum but not the Vatican which is fine as even the outside is glorious to be seen.

Tips on getting around in Rome!!

  • From the airport (Ciampino) – there are several bus companies to choose from and take about an hour to get into central Rome. But make sure to check when the buses start running again in the morning especially if you have an early flight.
  • Sightseeing tour companies, I only trust one company and that’s city-sightseeing and use it in every city. They often have deals on-board for popular attractions, I got mine for the Colosseum on the bus.
  • Public transport is easy to navigate and people are friendly enough to direct you to the right bus. Buy tickets before boarding the bus and validate upon entry
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