{Christmas 2017 #giftideas} For Travelers

The Christmas 2017 gift ideas is a new Christmas edition on A July Dreamer helping you prepare for festive season. With only a couple of weeks left before Christmas we decided to share the best gift ideas. This week we have put together gift ideas for the traveler in your family and what kind they might need.

Having an insatiable desire to travel at least once a month, I am quite knowledgeable on items a traveler needs. Obviously different travelers need different items, there are some things we all need during our travelers. I sat down last week to think of items I often need or carry whenever I am off exploring the world.

Gift Guide for Travelers

{Christmas 2017 Gift Ideas} For Travelers

Whenever I am putting gift guides together I often think of items I know I would need myself. Then check with friends and family of what they would love depending on the guide I am putting together. Taking into account all the tips from my traveler friends, here are some items every traveler should have.

Backpack or Cabin size suitcase| Passport Wallet| Diary

Because my travels are often weekend getaways I rarely need big suitcases apart from my backpack. But it is important for every traveler to have cabin sized bags and for me a backpack is ideal.

It’s crazy you find travel documents scattered all over the place without having something like a passport wallet. I am looking to replace my current one soon as I could really do with one. Having a wallet to keep all your documents secure and in one place is crucial for a traveler.

I don’t know about other travelers but apart from my blog I like having a little diary to record my travels. Most times is future travel plans or hit lists on my travels that I wish to explore when I visit new places. A cute diary is always a lovely present to give or even receive.

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Lonely Planet Book| Fit bit tracker

One of the best gifts I have received this year is a travel book from my work colleagues. The lonely planet is well-known for sharing the best destinations ever and very insightful too. I know every traveler would love to have such a book and tick off their favourite destinations.

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love knowing how many steps I have taken especially during my travels. Whenever I travel I ensure to add in walking trails so I can explore lots of places in the city I am visiting. Though I have misplaced my fitbit I can not wait to get a new one before my upcoming travels this weekend.

Waterproof coat| Travel size beauty products

The weather has turned for the worst of late and is much colder, I know most European cities it rains a lot. It is important to have suitable clothing whenever traveling especially this time of year. I always ensure I have packed my scarves, gloves and hats whenever I travel to keep warm.

Whenever I am planning my travels I often check what beauty travel products I have and can take on my travels. Most times I buy clear plastic bottles that I tend load with my everyday products to carry with me. I think every traveler would appreciate their favourite beauty products in travel size.

Universal and Portable Chargers

Whenever I am traveling I ensure to pack my portable chargers and universal plugs to use in whatever city. You can never go wrong gifting a traveler any of these items of both because they are essential items. There is nothing worse than be stuck in the middle of nowhere and your phone or other gadgets dying.

Travel gift card

There are travelers who have all the items listed above and have no clue what else to get them. I always suggest a travel gift card either for a hotel or even supplies and gadgets. This way the receiver is not limited on when the gift can be used and would choose what to use it on.