{Monthly Roundup} Fashion Favourites January 2018

Welcome to the Fashion Favourites January 2018 edition, a monthly roundup of all the outfit ideas I have shared in January. This roundup is the first installment for 2018 but the 27th installment since the series started, December 2015. The Fashion Favourites series is the longest running series on A July Dreamer, it’s been running for almost three years. Regular readers know I rarely stick to a series, I start with so much zeal but then lose momentum as I go. This is the one series I have stuck with, mostly because people love it as much as my travels.

I am actually sad it’s already the last Monday of the first month of the New Year 2018. Not sure about you but I had an incredible start to the year and ending it on a high. When we started the month, I went of to Prague and just yesterday I was in Toulouse. It’s been incredible but here are the articles that made the Fashion Favourites January 2018.

Fashion Favourites

Fashion Favourites January 2018

As I mentioned I started the month on a high and in preparation for Prague, I shared this article. I shared how to pack for winter in Prague, previous experience taught me something. Though I was prepared for the cold last time, I did not prepare enough especially with the snow that befell us. 2018 was different, I was snow ready and not a drop fell, typical. None the less I had an incredible time and I can not recommend the city enough, latest article.

Winter Fashion items

As we still in winter, I figured I share what I consider my winter fashion essentials that everyone should have. I am a boots, scarf and thick coat kinda of girl, I love being warm. Though winter is not my favourite weather, I love wearing knee-high boots. I have found them easier to style and therefore have become my favourite must have items.

Speaking of knee-high boots, I shared the types of knee-high boots that I am loving this winter. They have definitely made my winter essentials list and can not stop wearing them with everything. In the UK our weather is often wet that’s why knee-high boots are a must have throughout the year.


Other items that made my essentials list are the items I picked from a Manchester based brand, LOTD. I had an opportunity last week to do some winter shopping with LOTD. Let me tell you, I am so in love with the items I picked out and I can not get enough. They have the cutest jumpers, trousers and jumpsuits, I am making another order for my mum. Everything is so cute and ever so affordable which is great for a shopaholic as well as fashionista like myself. You should definitely check them out, you won’t regret the items they have online.

And there you have it, all the articles that made the Fashion Favourites January 2018. Which was your favourite fashion inspiration? Until next time, as always thanks for stopping by A July Dreamer.