{Monthly Roundup} January 2018 Sponsors

Gratitude is defined as the ‘quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. To show my appreciation I have put together the January 2018 Sponsors gratitude post.  Every month-end I dedicate a monthly roundup of all the incredible brands and PRs that I collaborated with. I was taught to always be grateful for all blessings in life; big or small it doesn’t matter.

The January 2018 Sponsors roundup is the First dedication post to A July Dreamer’s collaborators. Obviously I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my incredible readers new and old. You supporting the brands that support me makes me truly happy and I am grateful for that. To the sponsors, I feel blessed and fortunate to have an opportunity to collaborate together.

January 2018 Sponsors

Thank you January 2018 Sponsors

Showing gratitude to someone or the other does not cost anyone anything but rather enriches them. Back in November 2014, I had this idea to show my gratitude to people who’ve take a chance on me. Bloggers know, blogging is a competitive world, we are all unique and different yet so similar. I knew I had to find a way to be different from everyone else, by practicing gratitude.

January 2018 sponsors have been a mixture or everything that is a regular feature on A July Dreamer. From Fashion all the way through to Travel which has been surreal and makes 2018 start incredible. I am so excited to share the wonderful brands, companies and PRs I collaborated with in this roundup.

Travel Collaborations – January 2018 Sponsors

Regular readers know the first weekend in January I went to Prague, and I collaborated with Prague city Tourism. Thanks to the city tourism I was able to experience more of Prague than when I previously work. I was also fortunate to collaborate with Czech Inn Hostel, were I stayed during my Prague visit. It’s an incredible hostel which I feel is more than a hostel but a relaxing Inn.

Czech Inn Prague

As if that wasn’t enough to make January 2018 the best month ever, I collaborated with Toulouse Tourism. I am still in shock to this day and we’ve just returned from Toulouse only last weekend. They arranged a press trip for me to fit into my original plans to treat my parents. I treated my parents to an incredible experience of the South West of France. Toulouse Tourism treated me and the little traveler in me to an incredible experience which include Hotel Albert 1er.

Regular readers know I often accept content to be featured on the blog especially if its travel related. I often review different contents until I settle on one I like and I know my readers would appreciate. This month is was unconventional end of year destinations – the list screams ‘visit me’.

Unconventional destinations

Now traveling can be an expensive expenditure and companies like Lendgreen are there to support in emergencies. Please note I do not advocate borrowing money for long-term especially if you’re already in debt. But for those of us who wish to continue traveling, I shared reasons why being broke it the best time to travel. It gets you to think outside the box.

Fashion Collaborations – January 2018 Sponsors

Fashion is a bit part of A July Dreamer and one of the longest running features on the blog. I am always happy to work with different brands both men and women as well as children’s brands. January brought me some great opportunities to collaborate with Lotd a Manchester based Fashion brand. With winter being everything weird and in between, I chose items that can keep me warm and stylish.


As fortune would have it I collaborated with JD Williams on their new sports women range. I wrote why I won’t be setting fitness goals this year but I can still look pretty working out at home. I do love this brand’s products, we picked up a couple of items for Christmas from them.

Men’s fashion is a relatively new feature on the blog, just over a year old but improving steadily. When it comes to men’s fashion, my brother and my dad are my guinea pigs. We worked with Dobell previously whom we love very much, my brother loves his suit from them. Avail London is another brand we worked with this month, they specialise in men’s fashion.

Both these brands have been featured in the gifts of love for him as practical gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Love Food Home – January 2018 Sponsors

Speaking of gifts of love, bags of love is another brand we collaborated with during Christmas and this month. I have been impressed by the quality of their personalised products and those who know me know I love personalization.

Gifts of love

Valentine’s Day is now just two weeks away, those planning on taking their love on a date book now. I know many restaurants would have started taking books long before now. In Oxford UK, we’ve always been spoilt for choice but even more so now with the opening of the Westgate shopping center. Dirty Bones is one such addition to the many Oxford eateries that you should check out.

To conclude the January 2018 Sponsors is a home feature; 2018 Bathroom trends and Velux roof windows. Though I am personally renting, my parents home is in desperate need of some repairs. Especially the bathroom, toilet and kitchen which are not big areas but essential ones.

And that ladies and gentlemen as they say is that, I am grateful to all my sponsors and readers. Here is to another successful month of collaborations and interactions.