Take Twelve Trips January 2018 #1 – #take12trips

Take Twelve Trips is a travel challenge I participated in back in 2015/2016 to help me maximise my travels. When I stumbled upon this idea from another bloggers page I was truly happy and wanted to participate. Normally I would wait until January but I couldn’t wait and started December 2015 with a trip to Slovenia. It would later become one of the best decisions I have ever made, by the time November 2016  came I had completed the challenge.

Take Twelve Trips

It was such an exhilarating time for me being able to travel as often as I did. People have always asked how I manage to travel so often, isn’t it expensive to be jetting around the world? To be honest traveling can be expensive but I shared reasons why being broke is the best time to travel. But if you’re someone who wants to travel but have limited resources consider lendgreen.com for a quick short-term solution. Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, I guess I can forget about bitcoins then 😁.

Take Twelve Trips January 2018 #1 – #take12trips

To kick-start the take twelve trips challenge I thought I share part #1 of my January travels with you. Those who follow me on instagram already know I just returned from Prague where I spent 4 days. It is truly sad to think it’s all over before I even had a chance to absorb it all. But I guess I can say I was able to celebrate the first weekend in 2018 in style. But none the less I put together the Prague Ultimate Travel Guide to aid any first timers to Prague.

When it comes planning my trips, I often look at times when most people won’t be traveling much. Like winter time and during school term, this normally means fewer tourists and breathing room. I search the net for good deals on flights, hotels and even airport transfers which for solo travelers I recommend. Prague airport transfer ferried me to my hostel, Czech Inn, since my flight was landing around midnight. Though I have been to Prague before, the transport system from the airport wasn’t high on my list.

Take Twelve Trips

Take Twelve Trips Recommendation: Good Prague Tours & Premiant City Tour

I had four days  in Prague and I had every intention of making it count, but so did the universe. Day 1 was a straight up packed day that started at 9 am and ended 11-pm. It was spent on a free walking tour then a paid Prague Castle tour offered by Good Prague Tours. I can not recommend this company enough, the guides are knowledgeable about the city and its history. Both tours were very interactive, you had a chance to ask questions and time for pictures too. As a blogger this was important for me, it’s always annoying when I can’t take pictures. Not that I am good at it but I like to have the option to take pictures of the city.

Day 2 I spent it again touring another city in Czech Republic called Kutna Hora where I saw the bone church. It was such an exciting trip offered by Premiant City Tour but our guide was from Good Prague Tours. The pick up is in the city center of Prague then take a private bus to Kutna Hora and spent 5.5 hours there. There was so much to see, plus we also had lunch there it was nice to be out of the cold. Apart from the Bone Church the highlight of my trip was entering St. Barbara’s Church and learning about the history.

For planning tips and resources – Prague City Tourism

Thanks to Prague City Tourism for providing me with the tickets to the old town hall.  I spent day 3 touring the old town hall on a guided tour and visited the inside of the clock tower. One of the must see places in Prague in the old town is the astronomical clock. It is located in the clock tower and every hour it does all the sing and dancing. After the touring and getting a bird’s eye view of the city, I opted to walk around the city to relax. Not sure how it happened but I found myself on Charles Bridge. It was its usual crowded but there was room to stroll slowly and take it all in.

Then finally day 4 was spent catching up on some sleep, social media commitments and work. Unfortunately for me my work needed me and being able to work from anywhere I logged on. I spent most of my time working on; post grad assignment, blogging and my day job. Sometimes I wonder how I manage to juggle it all but then again I have travels. For me travels are not an escape but a pure desire to see another place and learn of its history.

I had such an amazing time in Prague even if work disrupted it, I met some wonderful people. Something I always take from each travel is learning something new about a place. Czech Republic definitely offered me that and I will be back for some more.

Next Trip: Toulouse France, January 2018

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, I was a guest of Czech Inn and received a media pass from Prague City Tourism. All opinions and thoughts shared in this post are 100% my own and does not reflect the opinion of the sponsors.