5-Things I loved about Hotel Albert 1er***

Hotel Albert 1er is a three star and European Eco certified hotel in the heart of Toulouse, France. Last week during our press trip of the city, we had the pleasure of staying at the hotel. I shared our thoughts on the hotel ~ where to stay in Toulouse, we loved it. The aim of this article is to share with you what I loved about the hotel and it’s charms. But before I share all the deets, here is a snapshot about the city;

Hotel Albert 1er - Toulouse

Toulouse in a nutshell!!

Toulouse is the 4th biggest town in France with over 400 thousand inhabitants and it is the second university town. The university has over 100 thousand students coming every year, the city has 3 huge universities in total. Toulouse is the capital of aeronautics and space industries not only French but European. It is also the headquarters of main divisions of Airbus with over 50 thousand people are employees. France is one of the four countries {Great Britain, Germany,  and Spain} participating in the airbus project since 1970s.

Airbus is an important project in Toulouse not only is it the biggest employer but is great for the economy. For my UK friends it is also important for us because more than 12 thousand British people are employed by airbus. It is therefore a European company, which works best for many economies.

The people of Toulouse have a very strong south-western accent, other languages spoken are Occitan. Occitan is the official language of Toulouse including English and Spanish. Spanish because over 80 years ago Toulouse welcomed Spanish refugees during the civil war {1936-9}. It is believe that more than 30 thousand people from Spain moved to Toulouse. Toulouse is a young city due to students but it is an open-minded town but with strong local traditions.

Things to love about Hotel Albert 1er***

Each hotel has things that standout to me whenever I visit, I can be quite particular in some cases. I believe in sharing things that I loved but also voicing when there was something I didn’t like. If I am to think of what I didn’t like about the hotel I would say the stair, I don’t like stairs. To my parents, this was an opportunity to do their steps, me, no thanks. Thankfully the hotel has a lift which I took up and down every single day of our stay. So, what did I love about Hotel Albert 1er;

Hotel Albert 1er

Spacious rooms

The room I stayed in was under the category ‘classic’, simple but comfortable layout. It had a mounted TV, two side tables, desk and chair plus stool and a double bed. I still had enough room to manual around and did not feel claustrophobic at all. The colour of the room was more pleasing, it had a calming effect on me for sure.

Comfortable bed

I am someone who suffers from insomnia especially when traveling somewhere new or sleeping in a new bed. For me the statement ‘there is no place like more’ has never been truer than when I travel. I always find myself missing my bed, but that’s not to say I didn’t like the bed. In fact I think I passed out the minute my heard hit the pillow and didn’t wake up until morning. The bed was so amazing, so comfortable and definitely inviting.

Impressive decor

This is one thing that struck us the minute we walked into the hotel, the decor was most impressive. The little lounge area facing the reception was most welcoming. Walking through from reception towards the breakfast area, the clean and inviting decor most appealing. We couldn’t stop talking about it, we ended up taking pictures there because it was picture perfect.

Good breakfast

I have stayed in many hotels, hostels and B&B’s over the last 10 years and not all are created equal. The first time in France, I was not impressed with the breakfast the hotel offered. Second time round wasn’t too bad either, third and fourth were incredible. The sixth time in France was Toulouse at the Albert 1er hotel and O.M.G we loved it. I would describe it as an impressive continental breakfast which was absolutely pleasing. It is an all you can eat kind of breakfast, one not to miss if you have a long day ahead.


Now let’s talk about the location for one minute, Toulouse-Blagnac airport is a mere 12 kilometers away. It is easy to get into the city by public transport; train, tram, bus or taxis. The location of the hotel is so perfect, it is a minute walk to Hugo market and 3 minutes to Capitole. There are many local attractions that are very much within walking distance of the hotel. It truly is the perfect location with so many restaurants, cafes and shops near by for all your needs.

We had such an incredible time staying at Hotel Albert 1er, it is a hotel we will be going back to. The location, decor, customer service and comfort is enough to convince us we need to go back. If you’re ever in the South west of France, definitely consider staying at hotel Albert 1er.

Disclosure: The hotel stay was part of a Press Trip to Toulouse, thanks to Toulouse City Tourism. I was not obligated to write this post, but I love giving credit where it is due.