Breakfast at Cafe Yolk Reading

Breakfast is an important meal of the day and Cafe Yolk in Reading knows how to cater to your needs. An award winning cafe in East Reading, they offer up an amazing menu that has many a person queuing up. Hiding in a residential area, this little well known local cafe has people queuing up to get a taste. I recently joined Winceats and her partner for some yummy and filling breakfast.

Over the last few weeks, there has been great changes in my life, from travel to Lifestyle. But one more noticeable than others is the cessation of weekly date nights. Regular readers know that when Winceats moved to London we decided to stop weekly girly date nights. Instead we opted for monthly date nights but unfortunately due to my travels this has happened yet. Luckily for us we’ve be able to see each other more recently, went to Tuscany together and then a party. Our recent adventure involved food when we met up for breakfast at Cafe Yolk Reading.

Breakfast at Cafe Yolk Reading

Nestled between Erleigh road and Hatherley road, the cafe is run by Husband and Wife. Winceats’ partner knows the couple very well, they seem like such lovely people. As a first time customer, it was easy to see why this small and cosy cafe is popular with the locals. The weather of late hasn’t been generous but people didn’t mind queuing outside for over half an hour. I immediately fell in love with the decor, the atmosphere was vibrant and food looked amazing.

I rarely ever go for breakfast unless I am traveling as I love preparing my own breakfast at home. One of my favourite home made breakfast is overnight oats but with the cold weather, Full English does the trick. But since I always request a full English breakfast I decided to be a little more adventurous. At the recommendation of Winceats’ partner I opted for the Canadian Breakfast which is priced at £10.95. It is packed with 2 pancakes with maple syrup, 2 back bacon, 2 sausages, 2 free range eggs, grilled tomatoes, flat mushroom, baked beans and herby potatoes. Just writing this made me full again just thinking about the amount of food I had. It was definitely the best food I need as the night before I spent more time drinking than eating.

The Verdict!!

Before Cafe Yolk Reading opened, the building housed a fish and chip shop which was dear to the locals. Upon opening the cafe the owners realised they had done a disservice to the East Reading corner. they brought this vibrant and energetic cafe with delicious breakfast and lunch options. But none the less there was a gab, and across from the cafe the couple opened a new fish and chip shop.

After learning this about the owners, I definitely liked them even more than before. Obviously the packed cafe, the queues outside in the cold were enough to convince me already. But someone times it is just the little things that add up to make the greatest impact.

I can tell you that I will be heading back to Cafe Yolk very soon, the Canadian breakfast is now my new favourite. Those who know me know I was never one to mix my pancakes, syrup and bacon but I am a convert now. Its the best thing since bread and thinking about it just makes me salivate.

If you’re ever in Reading, Berkshire {UK}, definitely pop into Cafe Yolk for a delicious meal. They are open Monday to Saturday between 8am and 4pm then Sunday 9am – 4pm. You can read all about our recent visit, HERE thanks to Winceats.