What to pack for a Spring City Break

What do you pack when you’re off on a Spring city break? What are your go to items that you swear by? I know many would be asking what Spring am I referring too better yet why bother with a Spring city break? I mean seriously why bother with a Spring city break when most of Europe is snow-covered?

Spring City Break

Officially we are in Spring now but looking outside you wouldn’t think so, it’s more winter like than Spring. Over the weekend I escaped to Athens Greece with my Spring City Break Capsule, Spring Essentials only. It’s always nice to escape the cold and experience a bit of sunshine and get a dose of Vitamin D. I was very fortunate to have temperatures of 17-20 degrees where as we’ve been seeing minus numbers in UK.

During my Spring city break to Athens, a bucketlist city, I stayed at Faros 1 hotel in Piraeus. A short walk from the port in a very charming area filled with cafes, hotels and restaurants. I definitely enjoyed my short visit to this incredible city of the Greek Gods especially Athena. Throughout the city escape, I relied on my Spring Capsule to keep me warm and light. I have 8 items that I swear by and always take with me on practically every vacation regardless of the weather.

What to pack for a Spring City Break

Depending on where your Spring city break is, some of these items are definite Spring Essentials for everyone. I am someone who loves to pack light and try to find ways to carry less on my travels. This recent Spring escape has the flight attendants shocked at how little luggage I had. When I say I love to travel light, I do not kid as I know I like to explore with my backpack. Here are the items that made my Spring Capsule essentials during my Athens escape.

What to pack for a Spring City Break

Leather Jack

Whenever I travel, a leather jacket is one that I reach out for over 90% of the time, its warm and light. I have had this jacket for over 4 years now and can not get enough and consider it an essential. Leather jackets might not be for everyone but you need something similar; light but keeps you warm. During Spring the weather fluctuates between warm and cold so having something light is highly recommended. Even if you wish to take it off and carry it, it wont make you tired but would be easy to handle.

Skinny Jeans and Jeggings

Even though I am crying right now because I just ripped my favourite pair of jeggings, they are essential. I rarely wear any other types of bottoms except jeggings and skinny jeans. They are easy to style and look good in all seasons therefore it makes sense to have them. I am not sure which pants you often wear but for me skinny jeans and jeggings are a must.

T-shirt and Cardigan/Jumper

Regardless of the weather, you can never go wrong with packing a t-shirt and a jumper or cardigan. These are essential items that I swear by every single season as they are easy to style. Spring is the best time to have these items, too cold/hot, add/remove the jumper.

Accessories – Scarf and Beanie

I have always been that girl who is always extra when it comes to staying warm, suited and booted. Being cold is not something I enjoy and often prefer warmer climates than cold. It surprises people when I announce I am off on a winter city escape. But the thing is I always dress like an Eskimo during my winter travels so I don’t worry too much about it. Scarves and Beanies are accessories that I love to compliment my look and keep me warm and stylish.

Other essentials that I always take with me include canvas trainers or ankle boots which I love during Spring. I always love packing my pajamas as I love to sleep comfortably wherever in the world I am. Other than these I rarely add anything extra as often I am traveling with only my backpack. I prefer to stay light and it helps me navigate from one end to the next.

What are some of the items you always pack during a Spring city break?


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  1. March 28, 2018 / 4:08 pm

    Great ideas which are both practical, versatile and stylish! I’ve learnt over the years to cut down what I pack because I actually only end up wearing half of it!

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