Take Twelve Trips – March 2018 #1 – #take12trips

It is often said, To Travel is to Live, if this statement is true then I am truly living life to the fullest. The Take Twelve Trips March 2018 covers my recent travels to Luxembourg via Frankfurt Germany.  Initially when I decided to partake in the #take12trips challenge, I did it to help maximise my travels. I wanted to hold myself accountable by publishing them on the blog and sharing my adventures.

For so long I sat and waited for the right ‘time to travel‘ until I realised I would never have the ‘ perfect conditions‘. There is always something or someone in life that will try to hinder your plans, how you respond is what matters. I chose to prioritize my travels and off I went to see the world, I am so glad I did. Sat at home reminiscing about all the travels I have done and honestly I have no regrets. I was in Luxembourg yesterday, it’s an incredible country that I can not recommend enough, if you ever have the chance, go visit. Whilst it is still fresh on my mind, I will recap the Take Twelve Trips March 2018 #1.

Take Twelve Trips March 2018

Take Twelve Trips – March 2018 #1

For the longest time I have wanted to visit Luxembourg and last month my chance presented itself. I stumbled upon a £9.99 return flight to Frankfurt Hahn-Airport, I quickly purchased the flight and started to plan. Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe and very much underrated when folks are planning European trips. More often than not it is missed because the flight prices can be quite expensive to fly to it. I opted to fly into Germany then hopped on a bus to Luxembourg and this was more affordable. 48 hours is more than enough time to spend in the city as everything is in close proximity. Here is an account of how I spent 72 hours between Germany and Luxembourg

Day 1 – London to Frankfurt to Luxembourg

As mentioned, flying to Luxembourg from London during March wasn’t exactly affordable on my budget. I opted to fly to Frankfurt Hahn-Airport then took a bus with Flibco into Luxembourg city. As my flight was landing at 10.20, I opted for the 11.00 bus leaving Frankfurt-Hahn for Luxembourg. Estimated time of travel was 3 hours and 45 minutes, it didn’t take that long which was great.

Arriving in Luxembourg the city was cold and it was raining, being  British I was more than ready for this weather. But having woken up at 3 in the morning to travel to the airport, 2 hours flying then almost 4 hours on the bus I was shattered. I therefore opted for a taxi to take me to the Luxembourg Youth Hotel which was 25 minutes walk from Luxembourg Gare {station}. Arriving at the hostel, shattered wasn’t even close to how I was feeling thankfully checking in was quick. I opted to stay in at the hostel and just spend the rest of the day chatting then sleeping.

Day 2 – Luxembourg City Tour and New Friends

Day 1 has so much excitement on top of the tiredness, I met so many travels that first night in the hostel. Many were living the day after and others were just arriving like me, one particular person we struck up conversation. When day 2 started, I got invited to join two friends as they embarked on touring the city of foot. There was already a full itinerary so I did not have to plan anything myself which was great.

We started the day early enough, explored as much of Luxembourg’s famous and not so famous sites as we could. Then went back to the hotel for 20 minutes reprieve before we continued on to walk up the hill to the museum. We had lunch in the museum then toured the place and left for the city centre. It was the longest walk ever, according to my fitbit, we did almost 40, 000 steps. It was such an incredible day which we ended by having dinner at the hostel and chatting for way too long.

Day 3 – Luxembourg – Vianden – Frankfurt

We started the day very early and left the hostel gone 8am to walk to the bus stop then catch train to Vianden. Arriving at Luxembourg Gare I was able to store my luggage for 5 euros and unfortunately the trains were cancelled. But there was bus replacement to Ettulebruck {45 minutes} where we got a bus to Vianden {25 minutes}. The entire journey from outside the hostel, bus from Luxembourg Gare, to Ettulebruck to Vianden cost 4 euros.

Arriving in Vianden we took a 25 minute walk up to the castle which like Luxembourg city is on a hill. The views were definitely worth the walk and with great company it didn’t feel half as bad. We spent a long time touring the castle, snapping away, enjoying the views and the company. By midday we felt peckish and opted to have lunch by the river, after lunch we left to explore. We then caught the bus back to Luxembourg city so I could catch my 5.40 pm bus back to Frankfurt-Hahn.

The journey to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport felt long because I again had no company but thankfully I had booked a hotel. I decided I wasn’t going to sleep at the airport and booked the B&B hotel located opposite Hahn airport. I had such a good night sleep, I left the hotel at 5.45 am for my 6.55 am flight. Soon I will be sharing in separate posts all the places we visited in Luxembourg city. But for now, this is it for the Take Twelve Trips March 2018 #1.