{Monthly Series} April 2018 Goals

Why do we set goals? What’s the purpose of me putting together the April 2018 Goals? Does setting goals even work or is it just for show, as I am too busy to work on goals as well as deal with life. These are statements and questions I have heard only too often, it’s like people associate goals with resolutions. Those who know me know I am anti-resolutions but always set my monthly goals. I am also that person that can’t do weekly goals because well no week is the same as before. For me setting monthly goals have truly been something that has worked and I continue to set them to add focus to my life.

April 2018 Goals

Speaking of focus, the March 2018 Goals were focused goals broken in various sections of my life. I like that I was able to set goals that not only gave me direction but supported my purpose. Setting goals is not about restricting yourself but it’s about having something to support your chosen path. I set goals to allocate some sort of control for my life, it gives me direction when I am struggling with my purpose. April 2018 Goals are one’s I am excited to set but petrified too due to how busy the month will be. I can’t control every aspect of my life but I can certainly put measures in place to help me navigate accordingly. But before then, let’s review how I did with the March 2018 Goals.

March 2018 Goals

Setting Goals is a personal activity which only you can achieve by assessing your own life and what direction you want it go. Last month’s goals focused on my health both physical and mental, I made simple but effective life choices. Let’s see just how I did last month;

Work Goals

  • Stick to a work schedule – no working after 6pm unless attending a meeting. ✅
  • No waking up at midnight to answer an email I forgot, leave it for the morning. ✅
  • Learn to say no, your health is more important ✅
  • Ask for help when you need it. ✅

Post Grad Goals

  • Review previous course notes ✅
  • Write and submit assignment ✅
  • Prepare for next course STARTED.

Personal Goals

  • Make time for ‘me-time’ ✅
  • Social media detox for an hour daily ✅
  • Plan slow holidays for both Luxembourg and Athens ✅

Blogging Goals

  • Start scheduling posts a week in advance FAILED
  • Update ‘work with me‘ page and fees, STARTED
  • Commit to reviewing products received, STARTED
  • Start new posting schedule, FAILED
  • Resume Saturday and Sunday as rest days, FAILED.

March 2018 was such a mix bag of emotions but I am happy with what I managed to achieve so far. As per my motto, if at once you don’t succeed, move it to the next month and try again. I will be moving all goals that I didn’t accomplish into my April 2018 Goals list. Failing to achieve some goals is not the end of the world but an opportunity to try a different approach.

April 2018 Goals

April 2018 Goals

As mentioned in the 2018 Travel Bucketlist Review, April is looking to be a busy month of travels. I am very much excited but also know there is so much to be done to achieve anything. With that I need to set goals that will help or support me along the way. Goals that are more focused and smart, are aligned with my purpose and vision. Here are some of the April 2018 Goals that I want to accomplish in the next 30 days;

  • Review the vendor contracts  to understand the requirements and if they are being adhered to.
  • Prepare for the audit adequately, ask questions or prepare in advance
  • Stick to work schedule 9-6 and no more
  • Schedule posts – this has been tough but with a busy month ahead, need to restart.
  • Prepare for next course.
  • Start scheduling posts a week in advance
  • Start new posting schedule
  • Resume Saturday and Sunday as rest days