Take Twelve Trips April 2018 – Marseille Highlight

Traveling is not something you’re good at, it’s something you do, like breathing – Gayle Foreman. The Take Twelve Trips April 2018 edition is me sharing something I did which is as easy as breathing. Often people tell me I travel too much, well Gayle’s quote says otherwise. I am very fortunate to be able to travel as often as I do, it is a privilege.

For those new to A July Dreamer, welcome to the Take Twelve Trips travel challenge for 2018. This challenge is all about exploring new places; home or abroad one weekend a month. Often times I end up doing 2 or trips a month but it is a rare occurrence. This challenge doesn’t ask a participant to travel abroad, it requires you to visit a ‘new’ place to YOU. Recently I was in Marseille for an extended weekend and can not recommend it enough. This trip was definitely a learning curve for me as I was in charge of someone else’s itinerary.

Take twelve trips April 2018

Take Twelve Trips April 2018

As a solo traveler I am pretty relaxed when it comes to my itinerary, I took it for granted. Traveling with others it’s not so simple, it requires forethought and agreement with others. I found myself needing to plan at least 3 of the 4 days we were away. I had to remind myself that people need to rest during getaways and not just always be on the go. Resting during the day is not an item that frequently appears on my itinerary. I am someone who enjoys doing everything during the day. Taking time out is reserved for the evening as I love to use up day light to explore the city.

Our recent visit to Marseille has definitely taught me I can be a control freak when I want to be. I like things done in a certain manner and prefer to adhere to certain timings to make the most of a getaway. We’ve both learnt something new on this trip and are best prepared for the next one. Here is an overview of the Take Twelve Trips April 2018 edition, soon I will share the must do things in the city.

Take Twelve Trips April 2018 Day #1

Our day started at 00.15, drove to Reading for our train to Paddington. We barely made it on the train, it was a great test of wits for both of us, something to learn from. Arriving in Paddington we caught the 02.15 bus to Stansted Airport to arrive in time for our 06.30 flight to Marseille. At this point we were super tired and just wanted to get to our hotel but first, coach into the centre of Marseille.

Arriving in Marseille the weather was incredible, we chose to walk instead of taking a bus or taxis. It was a beautiful day, we got to walk in different alleyways of Marseille before arriving at the hotel. Unfortunately we were too early for check in so we went for a walk then a meal before heading back to the hotel. Our hotel just got cleaned, we checked in, showered and it was lights out for 4 hours. At night we walked around the port before having dinner at a local restaurant and then back to the hotel.

Day #2 – the one where we explored Marseille

An early start wasn’t on the cards but we did manage to leave the hotel at 10.30, had quick breakfast and went to explore. The night before we had agreed on touring the Island of d’IF and visiting two of the islands near Marseille. We took a boat right to the first Island, spent an hour before getting back on the boat for island #2. Island 2 was Frioul which is larger than d’IF we decided to enjoy a small lunch on the island before exploring it for an hour. You definitely need a couple of hours to explore this place as there is so much hiking involved with such great views.

Our day ended with a ride of the city sightseeing bus getting off only to see a Basilica and a cathedral. We had half an hour for each place but I would recommend more, the views from the basilica are breathtaking. We ended the day walking around the city, a quick nap and dinner in a restaurant next to the hotel.

Take Twelve Trips April 2018 Day #3 and #4 – relaxing days

Day 3 saw us check out of our hotel close to the port, we had stupidly booked a hotel in Vitrolles. With our luggage we did some birthday present shopping before walking around the city. We spent under an hour in the city then grabbed a bus back to the airport, über to hotel and it was nap time. We spent the night chilling in our hotel before heading out to dinner at the hotel next door.

Day 4 found us waking up early to have breakfast at the hotel, then packing and heading to the airport. It would have been nice to check out Vitrolles but our hotel was in an industrial area. We caught out Ryanair back to London, of course it was half an hour late, then a bus to Paddington. The day wasn’t over yet as we still had two journeys to do; train to Reading and the drive home.

Overall we had an incredible trip and made many wonderful memories in Marseille. I am someone who enjoys solo travel but it is always nice to have company throughout the journey.