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Are you off on a summer city break soon or in the near future? I have been on countless and thought I share what essentials items to pack. Obviously we are all different but the following items are a must. Make sure to check out our Summer Essentials, these items you can take with you on a city break.

summer city break

A city break by definition is a holiday spent in city, it can be abroad or it can be local. If you’re planning a city break in London, here are some things you can do Along the Thames. But maybe your city break is abroad to cities like; Rome, Barcelona or Venice. Obviously have mentioned places I have been to myself and can not recommend enough. Regardless of where your city break is, we’ve put together some must haves for various summer city breaks.

What-to pack for a summer city break

The clue in what to pack for a summer city break is in the name, summer and city. You can choose to pack as much or as little as needed, depends on location. Regardless, items you pack should be those that you will be happy to have during your stay. Items that are essential to the trip and not because they might look nice. The two types of city breaks I have been on are;

City Break – Beach location

Some cities like Barcelona have a beach and it is still a city break especially if it is a weekend affair. When it comes to such city breaks I make sure to pack my lightest beach towel and SPF.

City Break – City location

Other cities like Rome it’s a proper city break and for such I always pack my trainers and flip-flops. I am not one to sit around all day doing nothing but rather love exploring.

summer city break

Regardless of what type of summer city break you book, the following items are essential to take with you.

  • Light and breathable clothing – one thing I hate is sweating when I am out and about. I very much prefer lighter clothing and if breathable even better. I often buy light items from Primark because well the materials are often so light it’s not suitable for any other season.
  • Sunglasses – I never go anywhere without my sunglasses regardless of the season. Putting on them is where I fall short but I always take them with me. I had several pairs which somehow have broken in the last few weeks.
  • Summer hat – a summer city break is not complete without a lovely summer hat. I have a couple of fedoras that I rock most of the time but a straw summer hat is just as good.
  • Sunscreen – I have mentioned this already but never travel without sunscreen to protect your skin. I know some people don’t care much for it but people sun cancer is real. Take as much of it as needed and protect your skin always.
  • Wedges – often I like to go out for an evening meal when enjoying a city break. I can up the outfit of shorts and top by adding some nice wedges and big glasses. But if you prefer other types of shoes, that too is fine, it’s all about what you’re most comfortable in.

There other things that I could include on what to pack or a summer city break list is money. But I would like to think that is common sense even though I know it’s not common. If you’re traveling abroad, insurance and documentation like passports should be a no brainer.

As mentioned above, take items that you will need on a city break not what will look good. What items do you always take with you?



  1. October 8, 2018 / 2:07 pm

    Love all these essentials! Instead of wedges though, I’d pack reliable sneakers that are softly cushioned and comfortable. I can’t stand wearing heels while walking long distances.

  2. October 8, 2018 / 2:06 pm

    I love the list of necessities! I could not do the wedges but just got oofas since my feet have to be comfortable and we usually walk a lot. They are not the prettiest sandal though, I do admit. ­čÖé

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