Festive Cheer and Parties for the New Year

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It’s (almost) Christmas! How exciting/saddening depending on what side of the fence you find yourself on. That means there will be plenty of festivities coming your way (whether you like it or not). Now, this is the one we are sure you are excited about, the long-awaited Christmas shutdown!

Okay, so some of you reading this may not be benefitting from the annual Christmas shutdown period afforded to some members of the private sector (god bless you doctors, nurses, firefighters, policemen and women and anyone that hasn’t already been mentioned). That doesn’t mean that this time of the year is any less special as, we know, it is a time for friends and family to gather round and come together.

Make This Year Special

All families have their own little traditions at this time of year, whether it is religiously going to the same house, eating the same food or gathering around the television at 3 pm for the Queen’s speech. However, wouldn’t it be nice to something a little bit different? Something that, when you look back on in years’ to come, you’ll remember this Christmas as the year you did whatever it is you decide to do.

Perhaps the responsibility of cooking Christmas dinner (the biggest dinner of the year bar none) rests on your shoulders every year and, this year, you fancy being waited on hand and foot. It’s for that reason why so many decide to go away over the festive period and pay for the pleasure of having a table reserved at a fine restaurant to serve their Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

After all, by the time you take into account the costs of all the food and ingredients you spend out on, you are probably in the black when you pay to have your turkey brought to you.

Where’s Best for a Festive Getaway?

If you really fancy turning your festive experience upside down then there is only one place for it – Australia! Instead of turkey roasting in the oven, have your bird cooked on the barbecue as you bask in the glorious rays on the beach. There is no white Christmas to be found here (not that we ever have one back home).

The Aussies celebrate Christmas in the middle of their summer, which is why the England cricket team spend one in every four Christmas’ away from home as it overlaps with an Ashes test series. Santa certainly doesn’t need his big thick red suit, that’s for sure!

New Year’s

The week between Christmas and New Year can seem as though it can go on forever, however, it is just a week before attentions turn to ring in the start of another year. All around the world, there are amazing firework displays setting off at midnight, such as London’s always fantastic effort with the London Eye acting as a marvellous centrepiece.

If standing out in the cold for hours in a crowd for a 10-minute firework display isn’t quite your idea of how you want to mark your New Year celebrations, there are alternatives ways to party through Big Ben’s chimes. Whether that means dressing to the nines, painting the town red or sitting at home with a glass of prosecco and a tub of mini sausage rolls (yum), it’s all good – especially if you have that special someone to share a kiss with at midnight.

However you are spending the festive period, make sure you savour the good times. Because, before you know it, 2019 will be here and we’ll be right back to square one!

This is a collaborative post

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