{Monthly Roundup} October 2018 Sponsors

October 2018 Sponsors is a monthly roundup of the various collaborations I had in October. Every month end I put together a dedication post thanking the brands and companies I had the opportunity to collaborate with.

The October 2018 Sponsors roundup is the tenth dedication post of 2018 appreciating my Sponsors. Here on A July Dreamer, we collaborate with a variety of brands and companies. Visit our Work with Me page for more details on our fees and types of collaborations we offer.

October 2018 Sponsors is a monthly roundup of the various collaborations I had in October. Every month end I put together a dedication post thanking the brands and companies I had the opportunity to collaborate with.

October 2018 Sponsors

October was one the busiest months this year both blog-wise and on a personal level. We had so many great opportunities come throughout the month that we can not wait to share. Listed below in categories are the various collaborations we had. 

I am grateful for the opportunities blogging has sent my way and continues to. Of late, the most common types of collaborations are paid than paid and gifted. Regardless, we are always happy to collaborate and include in sponsor roundup. 

Lifestyle Collaborations October 2018 Sponsors

As a Lifestyle Blogger, I am not limited to what type of content I can share with our readers. Over the last 5 years, this blog has evolved from personal ramblings to more focused niche topics. I am always happy to share content that is not only useful to me but to my fellow bloggers too. 

I recently shared a collaborative guest post which covered a topic that is of interest to many bloggers. Especially for those looking to convey their content in more than the written word. For those looking for the best Video Formats to use to publish content, we have you covered.

With Christmas fast approaching, I wanted to make sure I did not forget shopping for my besties. I, therefore, compiled 11 Unique Gift Ideas which I think are meaningful and easy pleasers. Not forgetting that besties can be men, how about a nice affordable Rolex Watch?

For those besties that are difficult to buy for, a gift card to spend at their local shopping centre would be a perfect solution. we recently spent a lovely say browsing through the shops at St. Nicholas Shopping Centre in Sutton.

Travel Collaborations for October 2018 Sponsors

Over the last few years, I have transformed from being an avid traveller to a frequent traveller. It is therefore important for me to share any travel related content that would be helpful to our readers. I recently compiled a list of Best Gifts for Female Solo Travellers that is actually useful and essential.

Before the October half-term, I had a lovely opportunity to review a glamping pod in Suffolk. Thanks to the owners Jan and Ed I had such a lovely time in Suffolk and enjoyed my night stay. Another travel opportunity came in the form of a collaboration with Three UK mobile Network. We took the iPhone X series phones for a spin in East London and spent a day in Shoreditch.

Whilst in East London, we got to spend a night at The East London Hotel in Bethnal Green. Such a lovely, comfortable and enjoyable hotel located in the heart of East London. Another enjoyable location attraction in London is the Coca-Cola London Eye thanks to Merlin events.

Home Collaborations for October 2018 Sponsors

In a few short weeks, Autumn will be long gone and we will be stuck with the harsh winter weather. I am trying to delay that thought as much as possible and have been slowly adding some Hygge to my home. It is important to be present in-the-moment and enjoy the simple things in life.

Speaking of the simple things in life, how about creating a workspace that helps improve your focus? I often work from home and whilst there are many advantages it can be tough working from home. It is therefore important to ensure that you create and calm and efficient workspace.

Fashion Collaborations for October 2018 Sponsors

Over the last few weeks, the weather has been colder than Autumnly possible. Those a terrifying prospect thinking about winter, I am prepared with these Winter Essentials.

Speaking of Winter Essentials, having a good quality, durable and warm jacket is essential. Thankfuly for me, Simply Hiker provided me with a jacket that ticks all the boxes.

Though I am not much of a fashion blogger, I do enjoy sharing fashion tips, tricks and ideas. Recently I shared a nice guess post sharing several ways one can style ankle boots in Autumn.  

Other Collaborations

For the second year running, we collaborated with Virgin Sport who hosted the Oxford Half Marathon. Though I did not run this year, I am slowly preparing for 2019 October. Another thing I am looking forward to in 2019 is The Curve Fashion Festival. Though I missed it this year, I am definitely clearing my calendar for 2019 so I can attend.

For the first time ever, I had my very first Bubble Tea from Quaker Street in Shoreditch. Not sure what I was expecting it to be but we loved the Bubble Teas that we tried. Another thing we enjoyed was our Dinner at Victors Oxford located in Westgate Shopping Mall.

As I mentioned already,  October was such a busy month both blog-wise and personal. There was so much going on but I am glad it all happened and excited for November.


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