Getting engaged, is going to mark a profound moment in both of your lives. Whether you’re the one going down on one knee, or the one being asked for your hand in marriage. It’s one of the most sacred, special moments in the life of two lovers. The entire affair should be nothing short of perfect in every single way. Your relationship thus far, has led you both to this moment a representation of the beginning to your happily ever after. Top Places to pop the question For the male, (who normally does the asking), the planning and preparation leading up to the proposal can be extremely overwhelming. For most men (especially the ones who struggle to multitask-which is basically the entire male population). The thought of organising one of the most important days in the love-calendar sends his mind into overdrive. A million thoughts will be rushing through his… View Post

Weddings in autumn must be one of the most gorgeous ever, you get to play around with an array of colours. Of course I would much rather have a summer wedding but to be honest weddings in autumn are a close second. I have not blogged about weddings in forever, this year I attended to weddings and loved each. One was in April of my best friend in Zambia and the next was in France I attended as a plus one. I can not choose which I preferred because both had awesome weather and were unique and on different continents. Regardless of the season, I think weddings are just so magical {and can be expensive but that’s a topic for another day}. The idea for today’s post is to give you an idea of what you can wear to weddings in autumn and look lash. With that, my little sister… View Post

Waddesdon Manor Restaurant is one of the many eateries offered at Waddesdon Manor former home of the Rothschild family. On one unsuspecting autumnal morning we ventured to the Waddesdon Manor Restaurant for some English Breakfast. The restaurant promised to keep us warm and keep our tummies filled with yummy foods. Located were the old servants hall used to be, the restaurant is in a great location. Offering both indoor and outdoor seating with a selection of varied menus. It is hard to miss the restaurant as it’s located on the left of the Waddesdon Manor with easy access.   Waddesdon Manor Restaurant Regular readers will remember two weekends ago I ventured to Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property with my sister. We arrived before 10 am and hadn’t had chance to have breakfast at home so we opted to have it there. It is highly recommended to book a table in advance… View Post

Life is about pretty little moments, no truer statement has ever been made than this one. I am all about enjoying the little moments in life and pretty little moments are even more special. It’s easy to get carried away with the hassle of daily life that we fail to enjoy the little moments. Of late I have made it my mission to enjoy the pretty little moments in my life. I started the local adventures series where I share local travels. Those who know me know how much I love to travel whenever I get the chance. This is one way I am enjoying life’s pretty little moments. Here are a few other ways I am embracing the pretty little moments life has given me. Breakfast date with my sister  On our recent local adventures to Waddesdon Manor we made a point of enjoying some breakfast. We ordered the… View Post

Cinnamon Kitchen describes itself as an award-winning modern Indian restaurant offering modern Indian cuisines. I agree with this statement because though it took long to reach my mouth the food was absolutely delicious. Using creative and innovative British cooking techniques, Cinnamon Kitchen offers a new take on Indian Cuisine. With an already successful branch in the city of London, Cinnamon Kitchen has added the Westgate branch in Oxford. Located on the roof terrace of the new shopping centre offering all day fine dining of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant also offers light bites, brunch and cocktails for a relaxed dinning pleasure. Dinner at Cinnamon Kitchen Though booking is highly recommended, you’re welcome to just turn up but will depend on availability. We had booked two weeks in advance and were very excited to try the ‘modern Indian Cuisine’. Our reservation was for 8 pm but we arrived 5 minutes early.… View Post

Traveling during winter has always been a bit of a hit and miss for many people. To date I have been fortunate to have had fairly good experience traveling during winter and hope that doesn’t change. There are so many winter travel tips out there but most focus on your clothing than the journey. In a couple of weeks time I will be off to Rome then off to Frankfurt before winter sets in. Then during winter I have two more trips Prague {January 2018} and Pisa {February 2018}. All of these upcoming trips have prompted me to put together winter travel tips that you should consider. Clothing When it comes to dressing for winter, I take no prisoners and always aim for warmth. But with that comes extra baggage but consider fleece clothing and wear the winter coat than packing. I have cold feet by nature so I am… View Post