They say Your Home is Your castle or is it Your toilet is Your throne either way I am always looking for ways to make mine better. At the moment my greatest need is a Sofa bed but this time of year is not budget friendly. The current sofa bed I have has lasted me two years and now got a dent in the middle making it uncomfortable. Unfortunately H&M does not have sofa beds otherwise I would have added it to my homeware wishlist. H&M Homeware Wishlist  When it comes to my apartment I am limited to what I can change-up but these tips I shared a while back help. I love the minimalist look when it comes to my living area as well as my bedroom. Clutter is something I don’t do well with and often declutter every 6 weeks because some how clutter builds up. Their plenty… View Post

Do you have an autumn night skincare routine or a nightly routine that you follow? It doesn’t necessary have to be skincare one but having a routine in life is important. Recently I shared my Autumn Morning Skincare Routine and many mentioned they try to have a skincare routine. Though many admitted they don’t change it with the weather, most do have something in place. Whilst it’s nice to have a routine, it’s important to ensure its a routine that works for YOU. For years I did not have a skincare routine, I am lucky to never have had but skin breakouts but I had my share. The pimples were always the worst and came out at the most importune time. After I started blogging I learned the importance of taking care of my skin. We all know a good diet is important but so are the products we expose… View Post

With Halloween and Bonfire Night behind us, it’s now time to prepare your kitchen for the busiest season of the year. From family get together, to Christmas dinner, your kitchen is going to see a lot of activity over the next few months, so it’s time to get ready and ensure you’re prepared for the excitingly busy times ahead! Fridge and Freezer Fix Throughout the year you’ll notice that your freezer becomes packed full of random items that you popped in there for a rainy day or those evenings when you couldn’t be bothered to go to the supermarket, and more often than not they never get used up. Now is the time to cleanse your freezer and throw away any half empty packets that you know you’ll never finish. The same applies to your fridge, too, as you’re going to have lots of additional items to squeeze in when… View Post

Waddesdon Manor is a country house built in 1870s for the Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild. It is located in the idyllic village of Waddesdon located in the Vale of Aylesbury. Last weekend we took an opportunity to visit this magnificent manor in Buckinghamshire. Though the house itself is closed until 11th November 2017 in readiness for Christmas, we toured the grounds. Over 9 weeks ago I started the Local Adventures series with the sole purpose of exploring my local surroundings. For me it is important continue traveling not just abroad but locally as wells. The UK has so much to offer and so much more than I realised. Every weekend if I am not abroad, the plan is to visit a National Trust property local to me. LOCAL ADVENTURES: WADDESDON MANOR #LOCALTOURIST Waddesdon Manor was opened to the public in 1959 two years after the death of James de Rothschild.… View Post

Prestige Hampers are a UK company specialized in creating the best hampers and gifts for all occasions. The company prides itself in providing only the best and finest of the British products. Hampers have traditionally been a sort of ‘care package’ type of gift containing your favourite goodies. When I started with my current company a few years back, a vendor sent us a Fortnum and Mason hamper. It was filled to the brim with all the goodies one could want from all over the world. Since then I have been a sucker for good hampers that contain amazing products and reasonable prices. This is why when the opportunity came to try one of Prestige Christmas Hampers I was happy to oblige. I received the Fabulous Christmas Hamper to try, a great present to include in the Christmas 2017 gift ideas series. Christmas 2017 gift ideas is a new Christmas series… View Post

Tassimo Suny T32 is a space and energy-saving coffee machine equipped with Intellibrew™ technology. This allows for the machine to auto read bar-codes on the coffee pod to make a perfect brew every time. For the last few weeks I had been seeing TV ads on Tassimo coffee machines and I wanted one. But because I am not a regular coffee drinker I did not feel I could justify the expense. As luck would have it, I was offered the opportunity to review a coffee machine from Tassimo. I spent a fair amount of time searching for the perfect coffee machine for me. Having limited space in my apartment was one of the huge factors in deciding on which machine to choose. Another factor was influenced by learning that I could make tea and hot chocolates on this coffee machine. Related: Good house keeping coffee machine review When the machine arrived,… View Post