{Lifestyle} Running EssentialsĀ 

Run-Baby Belt

Running used to be such an essential part of my life a few years back. When I joined a pharma company for my university placement years back I met a bunch of people who used to go running every day at lunch time. I was not totally convinced so one day I decided to give it a try and yes you guessed it, it was painful and I was so out of breath and my feet bloody hurt. I sat down with one of the group instructors who told me I needed better trainers for running, better workout clothes (apparently leggings weren’t it šŸ˜‚), running belt and water (šŸ˜œ). Obviously this hit a nerve but I was determined and had motivators (myself plus the cute dude in tight shorts didn’t hurt either) which kept me going back.

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{GBU} The Happening ~ Week TWENTY THREE

brighton beach
brighton beach

In 4 days it will be September, I mean how has it come to this really. Summer is on its way out, back to school is on and Fall is on its way in. It really is a shock for me every time the month ends and a new one starts. Just a few days ago in shared how it was only the middle of the month now it’s almost the end. Time does fly by when you having fun or when you getting older. This week on the happening, the Good the Bad and the Ugly I thought I do a recap of my week so far but still categories as always in this series.

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{Travel} Best Travel Sites


I know lately around these parts have been posting a lot about travel and honestly I can not seem to stop, I absolutely love it and thought what better way than to share my love with my readers I mean I share everything else so why not this. I have spoken about it on here and The Myrabev Life how 2014 as a whole sucked for me, I also shared how I decided that 2015 no matter what would be different and one of those decisions was traveling. I did some traveling Last year I went to Munich, Germany with my family and to Zambia alone (my first solo trip ever). I realised that this is the type for me to do what I always wanted to do but couldn’t due to financial constraints and that is traveling so this year I will share (already started in April) more travel posts than any other year. When I traveled to Zambia last year alone, I was both terrified andĀ exhilarated. This was something had never done before but was happy to overcome my fears and live in the moment and boy am I glad I did because since then I have made 2 more solo trips but this time to lands have never been to and didn’t speak the language. Anyway, in my quest to continue traveling to as many places as possible this year I think I have narrowed it down to the best travel sites (this is my opinion).

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{Guest Post} Things to Ask a Video Production Company before Hiring Them

video production
video production

Choosing the right video production company is a vital part of getting the right results from a corporate video. Usually, there will be a number of video production companies out there and finding the right one will require you to do your homework. There are a number of things that a business owner will have to find out about a production company before they hire them. Taking the time to get all of the information needed will help the business owner to get the right company chosen. The following are some of the questions that a business owner has to ask in order to find an amazing video agency.

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