Bath is quaint little town in the southwest of England famous for the natural hot springs. A city designated the UNESCO World Heritage site with the grandest 18th century Georgian architectural buildings. It is a city bursting with so much history which dates back to the Roman times. The city of bath offers the visitor a unique and stylish weekend getaway destination. From a romantic walk across the city to a relaxing evening at the Thermae Bath Spa. The city is built from the same material, the honey coloured bath stone which is mined locally. Many tourists flock the city of Bath for two things; Roman Bath Spa and its Abbey. But it has more to offer with its cobblestone lined streets and beautiful architecture. We had such a lovely time exploring the city that I had to share with you all. Check out some of the things to do… View Post

Franco Manca is Neapolitan pizzeria company founded in 2008 in Brixton Market London. Since then the business has expanded throughout the country with its latest opening in Oxford. Franco Manca is pioneering the classic Neapolitan sourdough pizza using local and  seasonal ingredients. The brand believes for food to be truly enjoyed it needs to be made from authentic and delicious ingredients. Franco Manca aims to keep its business and food simple, authentic and of good value. We were recently invited to attend an exclusive dinner and wine tasting at the Oxford branch. This was one invitation both my sister and I were not going to miss as pizza and wine tasting are our favourite past times. Official opening of Franco Manca Oxford  Franco Manca Oxford was officially opened in August where as per Italian tradition they offered 500 free pizzas. Why I didn’t hear about this I do not know… View Post

New York City, for us gossip girl lovers it was and still is the top place to visit in the states. Regular readers know I had been looking for travel inspiration and the Travel Name Game gave me New York. I have had the pleasure of setting foot in New York before but for business purposes only. I managed to was walk through Times Square, saw Trump Towers and strolled through Central Park. As with most places that I visit, I like to do a bit of shopping and New York was no exception. For my next visit I am planning on doing as much shopping as I possibly could. Obviously that will require me to save up a little in advance of the trip but that’s ok. With the holidays fast approaching everyone who hasn’t yet booked will be searching for some New York offers. I for one am… View Post

Today is my mother’s birthday, she turns a ripe age of 53! Yes I know she is too young to have a 30-year-old daughter but then again not so young anymore. If your mother is anything like mine then she is also hard to shop for. You see my mother is so good at gifting others that we don’t really know what to gift her. If I give her money, she will just save it until one of her child or family needs money and she gives that to them. I don’t think I remember a moment when my mother selfishly went and just treated herself to something without getting us something first. But that’s true of all mothers isn’t it, always putting everyone else first before themselves. Well for this birthday I wanted to spend some time with her and also treat her to something lovely. A few months… View Post

BoohooMan is the brain child of and it’s revolutionising the menswear market by bringing afford and stylish clothing. The latest Boohooman collection caters to the big and tall gentleman in your life. For me that is a perfect description of my father, a man whose so hard to shop for and rarely find fashionable items in his size. It’s quite disheartening going shopping in one of your favourite stores only to realise they don’t stock your size. This recently happened to us when I took daddy shopping in Peterborough and we learnt H&M didn’t stock XXXL. We did go to other shops like Primark and the like but no offence the plus size items well! What can I say, most plus size items are not designed as cute as the 4-12 clothing. It’s hard enough finding items for men that are stylish and of great quality without splashing. Imagine… View Post