The best thing about Christmas is catching up with friends and family that you perhaps haven’t seen in a while, years even, and welcoming them all into your home. It’s the time for sharing, keeping warm, staying home and watching films together and eating until your heart’s content. With the arrival of all the extra guests, it’s definitely worth thinking about ways to make your home more welcoming for the festive season. Here are a few ideas to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere, so much so, that your guests may never want to leave. How to make your home more welcoming for guests this festive season Having the right amount of seating at Christmas is no mean feat. Extending dining tables are the way forward. Throughout the year you can easily house your regular 4-6 dining chairs around the table but come Christmas, an extending dining table will enable you… View Post

Europe in autumn is one of the most beautiful sights to behold, it has such magnificent beauty. When it comes to the best places to visit in Europe this Autumn, I think my list wins. Obviously I am totally biased because it’s place I am either visiting, have visited or plan to visit. Regular readers know how much I love to travel and how traveling is a huge part of my life. Whenever I get a moment to myself I am always thinking of places I should visit and of late it’s been Local Adventures. In my quest to be a local tourist I have found winter to be such an incredible time of year. The autumn foliage in different cities across the UK has been absolutely incredible to experience. I have seen countless pictures of what Europe in Autumn looks like and I want to experience it myself. When… View Post

Bakerdays, a UK cake company based in Nottinghamshire with the aim to create the perfect cake for every occasion. Founded by Andrea Guzyova and Alan Hawkes, their homemade cakes are deliciously tasty and made to order. Part of the appear for many Bakerdays customers is the great cakes and next day delivery option. I first became aware of Bakerdays when a fellow blogger review the brand a couple of years back. Since then I was truly fascinated with the idea of a letterbox cake. When the opportunity finally came for us to also review a letterbox cake, I jumped for joy. I couldn’t say YES fast enough and now I am excited to share with you what I think of it all. The idea of receiving a cake via the letter box is truly novel and very intriguing to say the least. Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review When I came home… View Post

Ibiza Ice is an environmentally friendly all-natural maker of sparkling fruit wine company. A company that loves the planet and is invested in making low-calorie, vegan and from natural flavours ingredients. Using sustainable stay-cool aluminum bottle which are 100% recyclable and easy to handle. When most of us think of Ibiza, we conjure up the partying island of Spain and who wouldn’t. Because that is exactly what I thought when I saw the name but as soon as I saw wine I was intrigued. Ibiza ice is not a company I was familiar with prior to this collaboration. Those how know me know how much I love sweet wine and I just knew I would love Ibiza Ice. November is the national pomegranate month {#NationalPomegranateMonth} and thanks to Ibiza ice I too am celebrating. When the opportunity arose to collaborate with the brand I couldn’t say no, I never say… View Post

When it comes to getting presents for family members it can be a daunting task at times. This year I have been fortunate to liaise with many brands to help you and I with gifts for the family. The ultimate family guide aims to give you an idea of what you can get your family members. It is also a chance to share the ultimate family guide products I will be reviewing in the coming weeks leading up to Christmas. As mentioned during the One less worry campaign, Christmas 2017 gift ideas is a new Christmas edition on A July Dreamer. The aim is to help you prepare for festive season and sharing our best gift ideas. We have only a few weeks left before Christmas is here and want to ensure we are ALL fully prepared. To make sure you don’t suffer the same mistakes as I did in… View Post

  When it comes to planning outfits for days out or running errands I never really plan. Normally I look in my closet and what I fancy on that day is what I would wear. Autumn has been by far the best season this year, maybe because more of the year has been autumn. On my recent local adventures I started looking at what I seem to be reaching for more and more. What has become my go to autumn out has been, skinny jeans paired with trainers or boots. Most of the places I am visiting have large estates that need to be explored. And as it’s autumn most of these estates with impressive fields have muddy gardens. So my go to autumn outfit has to be fit for purpose therefore having Butterfly ankle boots has been god-sent. What is your go-to Autumn Outfit? When planning autumn outfits first… View Post