• Randomness part 1

    cropped-cropped-cover.jpgSo I am sat in the dark @22.49 thinking of something to talk about to the wide world! (this is usually the part where writers say “and it hit”) well it ain’t hit me yet because am still just thumbling my way through this blog (randomness). What do people write about these days, am now 26 and I have no clue what to write what to say to captivate people. How do i go about inspiring myself firstly then people around me then who ever. I don’t know honestly i have no idea, when i speak to my friends or people who have gotten to know me they say am a good heart and i would like to think that i am. but what makes a “good heart” am not talking about the physical sense am talking about the aura that you release as an individual, that aura that captivates people and makes them happy, relaxed, safe, and feel a sense of peace in your presence? To answer that I have no clue, i guess its either your born with it or you learn it in your environment as you grow as a human being. I am growing up in a different generation to my parents, actually today i was chatting with a work colleague on our way to work on how we us people have gone and lowered our standards. our generation always wants to question authority am no stranger to that but i would like to think my parents left from sense in my genetic make-up.
    I was at Brighton Beach celebrating my birthday with my boyfriend of five years and i was mortified and sickened at what i saw, kids no older then 18 drinking and smoking weed at the beach and no respect for people around them and other young kids. My BF told me to ignore them when i found it hard to relax at the beach because these boys wouldn’t shut up, i know people make noise at the beach but these boys you could pick them out from a mile away. what they were trying to prove i don’t know, its sad to think kids these days don’t want to be kids but want to be adults so bad that they are willing to risk their health and those around them so they can play adult.

    What can we do as youngsters to change what is happening right now? How do we move ourselves from this horrid image we have created for our selves? Am posing a question to you all now, take the scenario below and tell me what i should have done and i will tell you what i did.

    Sat at the beach relaxing, apart from the annoying drinking young boys comes a group of older boys a mixture of black and Asian, along with them are young girls aged 16-18. These boys start selling dope on the beach and people around them don’t care they just go about their business. The one boy calls one of the girls and tells her today you are not my “Bitch” but my two friends here, I am about to stand up and say something when the girl turns to her friends and says am the luckiest girl alive, i told you guys being pretty pays off with the boys tonight i will get lucky twice.

    Am shocked but cant do nothing, am told later it was a gang. what to do?

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